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Pronunciation: /ˈtentʃən; ˈtenʃən/


  • 1 1.1 c and u (of situation) tensión (feminine), tirantez (feminine) the joke helped to relieve the tension el chiste ayudó a aflojar la tensión
    More example sentences
    • There has often been tension between conflicting ideas about the scope of EU competence and the policy-making process.
    • There is a basic tension between the idea of the rule of law and other aspects of the Constitution which still reflect an alternative principle that the law must serve the party state.
    • Herein lies the primary tension between the two conflicting and apparently contradictory trends regarding immigration throughout the west.
    1.2 uncountable/no numerable (felt by person) tensión (feminine) nervous tension tensión nerviosa (before noun/delante del nombre) tension headache[ dolor de cabeza producido por la tensión ]
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    • Mental tension and physical stress are not needed when you are vulnerable and sensitive to pressures of any kind.
    • Motherwort is reputed to release tension caused by emotional and mental stress.
    • You need to avoid mental tension and stress as they can manifest health problems.
    1.3 countable/numerable (opposition) conflicto (masculine)
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    • The water going down your plughole, the planets going around the sun, the electrons spinning around a nucleus, they all reflect the same dynamic tension between opposing forces.
    • An answer was provided by inflation: the idea that the universe was born in a state of tension, forcing it to expand enormously fast.
    • Controlling the oil in the crankcase significantly reduces ring tension to unlock even more power by minimizing friction.
  • 2 uncountable/no numerable (tautness) tensión (feminine); (in sewing, knitting) tensión (feminine)
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    • The competing forces of gravity at the lower end and outward centripetal acceleration at the farther end keep the cable under tension.
    • In string theory, as in guitar playing, the string must be stretched under tension in order to become excited.
    • I then dial in the cable tension so it lets the chain drop easily to the inner ring and not rub on the cage when on the largest cog.
    More example sentences
    • Test on fabric scraps for the best tension and stitch length.
    • Uneven stitches usually indicate the tension is out of balance.
    • Observe the stitch, adjusting the tension until the stitch is formed correctly.
  • 3 uncountable/no numerable [Electricity/Electricidad] tensión (feminine) high/low tension alta/baja tensión
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    • Tsagas found that the magnetic tension in bent magnetic field lines tends to flatten the surrounding space.
    • Researchers believe this tension results in stripes that are stable under magnetic fields of a certain strength.
    • It's the electromagnetic tension field, not the power that stand for the interdimensional interaction.

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