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Pronunciation: /test/

Translation of test in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (exam) prueba (feminine); (multiple-choice type) test (masculine) aptitude/intelligence test test (masculine) de aptitud/inteligencia to do o take a test hacer* una prueba/un test to give o set sb a test hacerle* or ponerle* a algn una prueba/un test
    Example sentences
    • Written tests can assess knowledge acquisition and reasoning ability, but they cannot so easily measure skills
    • I paid close attention to everything he said, but still came up short on tests and quizzes.
    • We asked the parliamentary candidates for Wimbledon to tell us a bit about themselves and then we subjected them to a test of their knowledge of their area.
    1.2 (of machine, vehicle, weapon) prueba (feminine); (of drug, treatment) prueba (feminine) nuclear test prueba nuclear (before noun/delante del nombre) [run/flight] experimental, de prueba 1.3 (trial) prueba (feminine) it was a test of strength/endurance fue una prueba de fuerza/resistencia the crisis was a test of her leadership qualities/his loyalty la crisis puso a prueba su aptitud como líder/su lealtad to put sth to the test poner* algo a prueba screen test [Cinema/Cine] prueba (feminine) cinematográfica to stand the test of time resistir el paso del tiempo
    Example sentences
    • Indeed, many of the assemblies have already passed reliability and quality tests needed to achieve FDA approval.
    • All their Mercedes Benz engine parts have passed rigid quality tests for durability and performance as well as all the other car parts.
    • On test there was certainly very little buffeting or wind noise.
    1.4 (analysis, investigation) blood/urine test análisis (masculine) de sangre/orina eye/hearing test examen (masculine) de la vista/del oído they've sent a sample of blood away for tests han mandado a analizar una muestra de sangre the test was positive el análisis dio positivo he/she failed the B-test el contraanálisis dio positivo

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 (examine) [student/class] examinar, hacerle* una prueba a; [knowledge/skill] evaluar* the students are tested monthly a los estudiantes se les hacen pruebas mensualesto test sb on sth what are they going to be tested on? ¿sobre qué va a ser la prueba?, ¿sobre qué los van a examinar? do you want me to test you on your verbs? ¿quieres que te pregunte or te tome los verbos?to test sb for sth she was tested for AIDS se le hizo un análisis para determinar si tenía el sida, se le hizo la prueba del sida the candidates were tested for their initiative se sometió a los candidatos a una prueba de iniciativa 1.2

    test (out)

    [product/vehicle/weapon] probar*, poner* a pruebato test sth (out) on sb/sth he tested (out) the recipe on me probó la receta conmigo not tested on animals no testado or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) testeado en animales
    1.3 [friendship/commitment/endurance] poner* a prueba the next few days will test the engine to the limit los próximos días serán la prueba de fuego del motor 1.4 [blood/urine] analizar*; [sight/hearing/reflexes] examinar; [hypothesis] comprobar* you need to have your eyes tested tienes que hacerte examinar la vista test the temperature of the water prueba la temperatura del aguato test sth for sth the eggs were tested for salmonella los huevos fueron analizados para determinar si estaban infectados de salmonela

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 (carry out a test) hacer* pruebas; [Medicine/Medicina] hacer* análisisto test for sth they will be testing for fluency and pronunciation harán pruebas de fluidez y pronunciación doctors are testing for cancer los médicos están haciendo análisis para determinar si hay cáncer just testing! [humorous/humorístico] era solo para ver qué decías she tested positive su análisis dio positivo 1.2 [Cinema/Cine] hacer* pruebas she tested for the witch's part hizo pruebas para el papel de la bruja

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