There are 2 translations of thermal in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈθɜːrməl; ˈθɜːməl/


  • 1.1 [Comput] [Phys] térmico
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    • In other words, water vapor has a low heat capacity and poor thermal conduction.
    • Approximately 35% of the energy from a nuclear explosion is an intense burst of thermal radiation, ie heat.
    • Basic research into the electrical and thermal properties of metallic, magnetic and organic materials is leading to the discovery of novel superconductors.
    1.2 [stream/bath] termal thermal springs fuentes (fpl) termales, termas (fpl)
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    • She is the daughter of Aramkumar, an engineer at the thermal power station in Tuticorin, and Annam, who is an engineer at the Tamil Nadu Water and Drainage Board.
    • Work is also continuing on the refurbishment of two units at a large thermal power station in south Baghdad.
    • Leaving his job as a designer of thermal power stations, he took a plunge into politics.
    1.3 [underwear/glove] térmico
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    • A former Miss UK who traded her swimsuit for thermal underwear and fleecy jackets to compete in the world's toughest endurance challenge is keeping pace with the leaders after a slow start.
    • Cold weather gloves, jackets and insulated flying boots combined with thermal underwear will keep you warm during a flight and can save your life in an emergency.
    • It has not been much warmer in France than it was in Belgium and we started the first stage in leg warmers, thermal vests, gloves and hats.

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There are 2 translations of thermal in Spanish:



  • 1.1 [Meteo]corriente ascendiente de aire caliente
    More example sentences
    • By using thermals, gliders can stay aloft for hours without using power.
    • Before too much height is lost, the pilot will seek another thermal, gain height in it, and then set off on course yet again.
    • It indicates what rate of climb you seem to be expecting in the next thermal based on your current air speed.
    (thermals pl)
    (BrE) [Clothing] [colloquial/familiar], ropa (f) interior térmica
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    • For sailing I would advise packing at least the same amount of clothes, thermals, jerseys and long johns again.
    • It works for pottering around in barefoot at home or layered up with thermals, tights and a cardie for winter workdays.
    • I was bundled up in only one coat and a long-sleeved tee shirt, with some thermals and pants over them, along with hiking boots.

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