There are 2 entries that translate thought into Spanish:

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thought 1

American English: /θɔt/
British English: /θɔːt/
Definition of thought in:
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There are 2 entries that translate thought into Spanish:

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thought 2


  • 1 1.1 uncountable (intellectual activity) modern/Christian thought
    el pensamiento moderno/cristiano
    thought process
    Example sentences
    • Doctor Conrad strolled over, deep in thought, and sat down on the bed at Danny's feet.
    • She stopped then, dabbed at her eyes, and seemed to be deep in thought for a long moment.
    • Jake watched her slow, steady breathing, and sat deep in thought, elbows resting on his knees.
    1.2 uncountable (deliberation) after much thought, I've decided that …
    tras mucho pensarlo or tras reflexionar mucho sobre el asunto, he decidido que …
    a lot of thought went into this decision
    se pensó or se reflexionó mucho antes de tomar esta decisión
    she put a lot of thought into the design
    pensó mucho el diseño
    he never gives any thought to his appearance
    no se preocupa para nada de su aspecto
    I'll give it some thought
    lo pensaré
    I've never given it much thought
    no me he detenido a pensarlo
    more thought needs to be given to …
    hay que considerar más detenidamente …
    to be deep in thought
    estar absorto en sus ( or mis etc) pensamientos
    to be lost in thought
    estar ido
  • 2 countable 2.1 (reflection) impure thoughts to read somebody's thoughts
    adivinarle el pensamiento a alguien
    what are your thoughts on the matter?
    ¿tú qué opinas al respecto?
    his thoughts were elsewhere
    estaba pensando en otra cosa
    not to give something a second o another thoughtat the time I didn't give it another thought
    en ese momento no le di mayor importancia
    I mailed it and never gave it a second thought
    la eché al correo y no volví a pensar en ello
    to have second thoughts (about something)I'm having second thoughts about accepting their offer
    me están entrando dudas sobre si aceptar o no su oferta
    I've had second thoughts: I don't want to sell the shop
    he cambiado de idea: no quiero vender la tienda
    on second thought(s)
    pensándolo bien
    2.2 (idea) I've just had a thought
    se me acaba de ocurrir una idea
    now, there's a thought
    pues no es mala idea
    maybe Hilary knows — that's a thought!
    quizás Hilary sepa — tienes razón, puede ser
    she hasn't got a thought in her head
    es incapaz de pensar
    it was a kind thought to send her flowers
    fue todo un detalle mandarle flores
    it's only a thought, but …
    no sé, pero se me ocurre que …
    the thought crossed my mind that …
    pensé que …
    se me ocurrió que …
    the thought never even entered my head
    ni se me pasó por la cabeza
    that thought had occurred to me as well
    eso mismo se me había ocurrido a mí
    thought of somethingthe mere thought of food made her feel sick
    le daban náuseas de solo pensar en comida
    he couldn't bear the thought of leaving them
    la idea de abandonarlos se le hacía intolerable
    you must give up any thought of seeing him again
    tienes que renunciar a la idea de volver a verlo
    the thought that
    la idea de que
    the thought that it might have been me
    la idea de que podría haber sido yo
    Example sentences
    • She turned back to go back to the living room when a sudden thought entered her mind.
    • It's hard for you to express ideas and thoughts, making conversations short.
    • That probably wasn't the thought going through his mind back in June, though.
    2.3 (concern, consideration) (no plural) thought (for somebody/something)my first thought was for the baby
    en lo primero que pensé fue en el bebé
    with no thought o without a thought for her own safety
    sin pensar para nada en su propia seguridad
    without a thought for anyone else
    sin consideración para con los demás
    sin pensar en or tener en cuenta a los demás
    spare a thought for those worse off than yourself
    acuérdate de or piensa en los que están en peores circunstancias que tú
    it's the thought that counts
    lo que importa es la atención or el detalle
    Example sentences
    • It is a very complicated system, has a lot of merit, but needs a lot of careful thought.
    • Good paths are vital to a garden and deserve a lot of thought and attention.
    • We in the west need to give careful thought as to how we can reduce environmental pollution.
    Example sentences
    • I read them with great pleasure but with little or no thought for the agony the poet has gone through.
    • Mr Hay said the hackers had spared no thought for his clients trying to trace old friends and colleagues.
    • For a short time there was no thought for the testing path ahead of them as they laughed and joked like any household.
  • 3a thought
    un poquito
    una pizca
Definition of thought in:
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