Translation of throat in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /θrəʊt/


  • garganta (f); (neck) cuello (m) I have a sore throat me duele la garganta, tengo dolor de garganta to clear one's throat aclararse la voz, carraspear to cut sb's throat cortarle el cuello or [colloquial/familiar] el cogote a algn to be at one another's throats estar* como (el) perro y (el) gato to cut one's own throat hacerse* el harakiri you'll be cutting your own throat if you leave now irte ahora sería suicida to jump down sb's throat echársele encima a algn, arremeter contra algn to ram sth down sb's throat refregarle* or restregarle* algo por las narices a algn there's no need to keep ramming it down my throat! no tienes por qué refregármelo or restregármelo por las narices she's always trying to ram o force her ideas down other people's throats siempre está tratando de imponerles sus ideas a los demás stick2 2 2
    More example sentences
    • For boys, when the larynx grows bigger, it tilts to a different angle inside the neck and part of it sticks out at the front of the throat.
    • There as a long, white scar that ran from under his pointy chin, down the front of his throat, and to the middle of his collarbone.
    • The strange mark seemed to go right across his throat, at the front, where the windpipe would be.

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