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American English: /θrəst/
British English: /θrʌst/

Translation of thrust in Spanish:

transitive verb past tense & past participle thrust

  • (push)
    (push out) sacar
    (insert) clavar
    he thrust her against the wall
    la empujó contra la pared
    she thrust her head out of the window
    sacó la cabeza por la ventana
    he thrust out his chest
    sacó pecho
    to thrust something at somebodyshe thrust the book at me
    me tendió el libro bruscamente or con agresividad
    to thrust something into somethinghe thrust his knife into the bundle
    clavó su cuchillo en el fardo
    he thrust his sword into the ground
    clavó or hincó su espada en la tierra
    he thrust his hands into his pockets
    se metió las manos en los bolsillos
    they thrust him into the room
    lo metieron a la fuerza en la habitación
    he was thrust into the role of …
    le impusieron el papel de …
    le endilgaron el papel de … [colloquial]
    she thrust the thought to the back of her mind
    apartó la idea de la cabeza
    he thrust his way into the crowded hall
    entró abriéndose paso a empujones entre la gente que abarrotaba la sala
    Example sentences
    • It was only through the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936, that, suddenly, she was thrust into the limelight, and became our Queen.
    • An empty, demanding hand is thrust at us, and we press money into it.
    • He was living the rock and roll lifestyle, going to endless parties where free champagne was thrust at him and he took advantage of it.

intransitive verb past tense & past participle thrust

  • 1 (with sword)
    dar estocadas
    to thrust at somebody
    tirarle una estocada a alguien
  • 2 (push) (+ adverb complement) he thrust past me
    pasó por mi lado apartándome bruscamente
    the army thrust south
    el ejército se abrió camino hacia el sur


  • 1 countable 1.1 (with sword)
    Example sentences
    • He drew his knife and threw himself into a series of lightning-quick thrusts, parries, lunges, and dodges.
    • Instead of parrying, Celia crouched under the blade's arc and reprised with an upward thrust of her own weapon.
    • Michael parried the weapon with a quick thrust from his left arm and launched his tightened right fist forward.
    1.2 (push) 1.3 (advance, attack)
    Example sentences
    • Then, as Tolbukhin parried further German armoured thrusts, Malinovsky mounted an attack on Buda.
    • As they go into battle, simultaneous armoured thrusts will be launched from Kuwait and Turkey.
    • A criticism levelled at Inveraray is that the attacking thrust is often thwarted by over-elaboration among the forwards.
  • 2 countable (general direction) this is consistent with the thrust of their reforms
    esto es coherente con el carácter or la tendencia general de sus reformas
    the (main) thrust of the report is that …
    la idea central del informe es que …
  • 3 uncountable 3.1 (impetus)
    Example sentences
    • After liftoff, at nearly 100 percent of rated thrust, the engine throttles back momentarily.
    • Ion propulsion is a method of propulsion that uses electrical rather than chemical forces to generate thrust for a spacecraft.
    • One of the most important considerations in flight is the balance of forces maintained between thrust, drag, lift, and weight.
    3.2 (Aerospace, Aviation, Nautical) 3.3 (Architecture)
    Example sentences
    • The tubes resist lateral thrust caused by bead-cable tension forces that are contained within the overall assembly.
    • Its main longitudinal arch thrust is held by six pre-stressed concrete ties, which are fixed into the abutment foundations.
    • To resist lateral thrust, the design includes tie beams of posttensioned concrete beneath the foundation slab.

Phrasal verbs

thrust aside

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
hacer a un lado
apartar (bruscamente)
hacer caso omiso de

thrust on

thrust upon verb + object + preposition + object
the role of mediator was thrust on her by circumstances
las circunstancias le impusieron el papel de mediadora
I don't want to thrust the children on you
no te quiero endilgar a los niños
he thrust himself on us
nos impuso su presencia
se nos pegó [colloquial]
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