There are 2 translations of thumb in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /θʌm/


  • pulgar (m), dedo (m) gordo [familiar/colloquial] to suck one's thumb chuparse el dedo to be all thumbs o (BrE also) all fingers and thumbs I'm all thumbs today hoy estoy muy torpe con las manos to be under sb's thumb estar* dominado por algn to get the thumbs down from sb ser* rechazado por algn to get the thumbs up from sb recibir la aprobación de algn to give the thumbs up/down to sth aprobar*/rechazar* algo to have sb under one's thumb tener* a algn metido en un puño to stick out like a sore thumb [building/person/object] desentonar terriblemente, no pegar* ni con cola [familiar/colloquial] the error sticks out like a sore thumb el error salta a la vista to twiddle one's thumbs estar* sin hacer nada, estar* perdiendo el tiempo green1 1

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There are 2 translations of thumb in Spanish:



  • 1.1I thumbed a lift o (AmE also) a ride home me fui a casa a dedo [familiar/colloquial], me fui a casa de aventón (Méx) to thumb it [colloquial/familiar] hacer* dedo [familiar/colloquial], hacer* autostop, echar dedo (Col) [familiar/colloquial], pedir* aventón (Méx) , pedir* cola (Ven) , pedir* raid (AmC) 1.2 [book] hojear a well thumbed book un libro muy usado
    More example sentences
    • Anyway, I am thumbing through the friendster pages via a search for ‘Interests: Blading’ in hope of finding some blading kakis.
    • But who can deny perusing the headlines, even thumbing through the pages, of the occasional supermarket tabloid while waiting to ring up our groceries?
    • After thumbing through a few pages, I was hooked immediately.

Phrasal verbs

thumb through

v + prep + o
hojear to thumb through the pages of a magazine hojear una revista

Definition of thumb in: