Translation of tide in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /taɪd/


  • 1 [Geography/Geografía] marea (feminine) we caught the first tide zarpamos con la primera marea alta the tide is in/out la marea está alta/baja the tide is coming in/going out la marea está subiendo/bajando high/low tide marea alta/baja at high/low tide en pleamar/bajamar, cuando la marea está alta/baja
  • 2 (current, movement) corriente (feminine) the rising tide of violence la creciente oleada de violencia the tide is turning/has turned (lit: at high or low water) está cambiando/ha cambiado la marea the tide has turned in favor of an alliance ha habido un cambio de opinión, que ahora se inclina a favor de una alianza to swim against the tide nadar contra la corriente or a contracorriente to swim with the tide dejarse llevar por la corriente, seguir* la corriente time 1 1
    More example sentences
    • But access to the port basin lay through channels where the tide fell 32 feet twice daily.
    • Sibyl glanced back at the rising and falling tides of the English Channel, and sighed with the grace of a heavy heart.
    • The highest high tides, called the semilunar tides, occur twice a month around the times of the full and new moon.
    More example sentences
    • The structure would be built over the water, allowing the tide to ebb and flow unhindered.
    • He related his own experience of how people can get caught out, unaware of the danger because it is the area nearest the shore that gets covered by water first as the tide comes in.
    • As the tide ebbs the sea water starts to drain from the river, making visible the runs and likely lies of fish just in from the Atlantic.

Phrasal verbs

tide over

verb + object + adverb/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verb + object + preposition + object/verbo + complemento + preposición + complemento
I've lent her £200 to tide her over till she gets paid le he prestado 200 libras para que se arregle hasta que le paguen this should tide us over the next month con esto debería alcanzarnos para el mes que viene to tide sb over a crisis ayudar a algn a solventar una crisis

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