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Pronunciation: /ˈtɪmbər; ˈtɪmbə(r)/


  • 1.1 u (material) madera (f) (para construcción) to be managerial/presidential timber (esp AmE) tener* madera de directivo/presidente (before n) [house] de madera timber merchant (comerciante (mf)) maderero, -ra (m,f), comerciante de madera (mf) timber mill aserradero (m), aserrío (m) (Col) the timber trade la industria maderera timber yard (BrE) almacén (m) de maderas
    More example sentences
    • The rainforest is being cleared legally and illegally for timber, for pulp wood to make paper, and to make way for oil palm plantations.
    • An abundance of coppice woods, known as spring woods, were required to provide charcoal, tan bark, fuel wood and timber.
    • They cleared some of the natural broadleaf woodland to make way for sheep pastures; they also coppiced or managed other parts of the woodland for timber and firewood.
    1.2 u (trees) árboles (mpl) (madereros) timber! (as interj) ¡cuidado(, que cae)!
    More example sentences
    • Today, top grade oak timber is increasingly hard to find, with borer-perforated trees more suitable for paper or pulpwood.
    • That's because until seedlings reach green-up, regulations keep adjacent cut blocks of marketable timber off limits to loggers.
    • The cooperative has formed forest protection teams that have helped in the confiscation of illegally cut timber.
    1.3 c (beam) viga (f), madero (m)
    More example sentences
    • The low, irregular ceiling is crisscrossed with beams made from ships' timbers and a log fire crackles merrily in the hearth.
    • The house or building is reinforced with timbers supporting the floors inside.
    • Cedar, fir, and pine were the preferred ship timbers of the ancient Mediterranean.
    1.4 c [Naut] cuaderna (f) shiver me timbers! [archaic/arcaico] ¡voto a bríos! [arcaico/archaic]

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