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Pronunciation: /ˈtaɪmɪŋ/


  • 1.1 (choice of time) the timing of the election la fecha escogida para las elecciones the timing of the action was disastrous la acción fue de lo más inoportuna that was good timing: we've just arrived calculaste muy bien el tiempo: acabamos de llegar his timing is excellent: he always arrives when we're about to eat [iro] es de lo más oportuno: siempre llega cuando estamos a punto de comer [irónico/ironical] 1.2 (synchronization) sincronización (f) 1.3 [Mus] [Sport] ritmo (m) a comedian with brilliant timing un cómico con un genial sentido de la oportunidad
    More example sentences
    • While you may be pulling off various crazy tricks, they all require good timing and excellent control.
    • He also has a wonderful sense of timing, and control over both his material and the audience.
    • You might be surprised at the interest level and you would have control of the timing.
    1.4 [Auto] check/adjust the timing revise/ajuste la chispa or el encendido (before n) timing gear engranaje (m) de distribución
    More example sentences
    • If the ignition timing is retarded, the engine will not burn the fuel efficiently.
    • He also believes the effect on engines with variable valve timing will be even greater.
    • The cylinder timing was on but a bit slow on a couple of the stops, but it was still on and working.
    1.5 (measurement of time) cronometraje (m) (before n) timing mechanism o device (of bomb) temporizador (m), mecanismo (m) de relojería

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