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Pronunciation: /tʌŋ/

Translation of tongue in Spanish:


  • 1 countable/numerable 1.1 [Anatomy/Anatomía] lengua (feminine) to poke o put o stick one's tongue out at sb sacarle* la lengua a algn with one's tongue hanging out con la lengua fuera her behavior has set tongues wagging in the village su comportamiento ha dado que hablar en el pueblo to bite one's tongue [colloquial/familiar] morderse* la lengua to get one's tongue around sth [colloquial/familiar] pronunciar algo I can't get my tongue around his name su nombre me resulta muy difícil de pronunciar to have a cruel o sharp o wicked tongue tener* lengua viperina or de víbora to have a loose tongue hablar más de la cuenta loose tongues cost lives las indiscreciones cuestan vidas to hold one's tongue callarse, contenerse* to keep a civil tongue in one's head expresarse en lenguaje respetuoso to loosen sb's tongue hacer* hablar a algn the wine loosened their tongues el vino les soltó la lengua to lose one's tongue have you lost your tongue? ¿te ha comido la lengua el gato?, ¿te han comido la lengua los ratones? to say sth (with) tongue in cheek decir* algo medio burlándose or medio en broma the film was supposed to be tongue in cheek se suponía que la película no iba del todo en serio tongue-in-cheek comments comentarios (masculine plural) irónicos
    Example sentences
    • Swallowing, which is accomplished by muscle movements in the tongue and mouth, moves the food into the throat, or pharynx.
    • The tongue and mucous membranes lose their glistening appearance and the buccal mucosa becomes sticky.
    • In a swallow, the tongue presses the bolus into the pharynx.
    1.2 u and c [Cookery/Cocina] lengua (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Stir in the remaining pork tongue, chili paste and miso.
    • Soak tongue in cold running water for three to four hours.
    • It might be impossible to move an entire case of tongue or oxtail or side of lamb unless the person requesting it buys at least half.
  • 2 countable/numerable (of flame) lengua (feminine); (of land) lengua (feminine); (on shoe) lengüeta (feminine); (on buckle) hebijón (masculine); (in bell) badajo (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • Beneath the cries of curlews, low tongues of land balance precariously between sea and marsh.
    • The Wakhan, a tongue of land in Afghanistan's north-east, touches China.
    • Marshy tongues of land determined property lines more than geometric principles of land settlement.
    Example sentences
    • I still hear the screams of terrified people through the hissing of fire, still see tongues of flame rear high into a night sky, darkened even more by heavy black smoke.
    • Flames like tongues of fire engulfed the farmhouse, porch and all, angry, cracking flames that left no exit.
    • The moment the blade touched it, it flared into flame, sending tongues of fire up the blade.
    Example sentences
    • Different models of the shoe had different pump systems, which were integrated into the tongue of the shoe.
    • What's stupider, putting extra tongues in your shoes or trying to skate in extra-tight women's pants?
    • At breakfast, he's wearing shoes with enormous tongues, loose-fitting trousers and an oversized shirt.
    Example sentences
    • Here, he refers to the swinging of a bell in which the lip, arch, or "bow" of the bell rises up to one side, and then meets the bell's "tongue," or chime.
    • To this the young devotees made their way, and after fastening cords to the bell's tongue they tossed ropes to their aiders and abettors below.
    • The tongue of the bell should weigh 1/20 the weight of the bell.
  • 3 (language) lengua (feminine), idioma (masculine) mother/native tongue lengua materna/nativa the gift of tongues el don de lenguas to speak in tongues hablar en lenguas desconocidas

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