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American English: /tuθ/
British English: /tuːθ/

Translation of tooth in Spanish:

noun plural teeth

  • 1
    (of person, animal) diente (masculine)
    front teeth
    dientes (masculine plural) de adelante
    palas or paletas (feminine plural) [colloquial]
    incisivos (masculine plural) [technical]
    back teeth
    muelas (feminine plural)
    to clean or brush one's teeth
    lavarse or cepillarse los dientes
    I had a tooth pulled or (British) out
    me sacaron una muela/un diente
    in the teeth of somethingthe reforms were made in the teeth of fierce opposition
    las reformas se llevaron a cabo a pesar de la fuerte oposición
    we climbed the hill in the teeth of the wind
    escalamos la montaña con el viento en contra
    to be armed to the teeth
    estar armado hasta los dientes
    to be fed up to the back teeth with something [colloquial]
    estar hasta la coronilla or hasta las narices de algo [colloquial]
    to be long in the tooth
    ser entrado en años
    to be sick to the teeth (of something) [colloquial] to cut one's teeththe baby is cutting his teeth
    al niño le están saliendo los dientes
    el niño está echando or (Río de la Plata) cortando los dientes
    the translators cut their teeth on simple documents
    los traductores adquieren experiencia empezando con documentos sencillos
    to fight tooth and nail they will resist any form of change tooth and nail
    se van a resistir enérgicamente a cualquier tipo de cambio
    to get one's teeth into something [colloquial] to grit one's teeth
    (lit) apretar los dientes
    to have a sweet tooth
    ser goloso
    to have teethfor this law to have teeth
    para que esta ley sea de verdad efectiva
    the regulatory bodies have no teeth
    los organismos reguladores no tienen verdadero poder
    to kick somebody in the teeth, to give somebody a kick in the teeth
    humillar a alguien
    losing the election was a real kick in the teeth for him
    perder la elección fue una gran humillación para él
    to lie through one's teeth
    mentir descaradamente
    mentir con toda la barba or (Mexico) con todos los dientes
    to put or set somebody's teeth on edge
    darle dentera a alguien
    destemplarle los dientes a alguien (Latin America)
    erizar a alguien (South America)
    the noise put or set my teeth on edge
    el ruido me dio dentera
    el ruido me destempló los dientes (Latin America) or (South America) me erizó
    (before noun) tooth decay
    caries (feminine) dental
    Example sentences
    • The pain is aggravated by eating, gum chewing, teeth clenching, or yawning.
    • Dental caries occur when bacteria destroy the enamel surface of the tooth and cause decay.
    • Some malocclusions cannot be treated successfully without removing permanent teeth, though tooth removal is contraindicated in other situations.
  • 2
    (of zip, saw, gear) diente (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • Desargues proposed cycloidal teeth for gear wheels in the 1630's.
    • A toothed rack rail is laid in the middle of the track on the slopes and the pinions attached to the engine engage with the teeth of the rack bars and enable the engine to pull itself and its load up.
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