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top 1

American English: /tɑp/
British English: /tɒp/


  • 1 1.1 (highest part)
    parte (feminine) superior or de arriba
    (of tree) copa (feminine)
    (of page) parte (feminine) superior
    from top to bottom from top to toe
    de pies a cabeza
    he was standing at the top of the ladder/stairs
    estaba en lo alto de la escalera
    a room at the top of the house
    una habitación en el último piso
    his name is at the top of the list
    su nombre es el primero de la lista or encabeza la lista
    he jumped from the top of the building
    se tiró desde el último piso ( or la azotea etc) del edificio
    at the top of one's voice
    a voz en cuello or en grito
    a grito pelado [colloquial]
    off the top of one's headI can't think of any of them off the top of my head
    no se me ocurre ninguno en este momento
    talking off the top of my head I'd say between 5,000 and 6,000
    a ojo de buen cubero te diría que entre 5.000 y 6.000
    to be at the top of the tree
    estar en la cúspide
    Example sentences
    • I feel a few gentle taps on the top of my head, and look up to see a man looking down at me.
    • The redhead was more composed, sitting cross-legged in a way that only just allowed the kilt to cover the tops of her thighs, hands in her lap to prevent me getting a better view.
    • He tugged his hat down, covering the tops of his ears and his eyebrows.
    (British English) (of bed, table) cabecera (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • I looked up towards the top of the road and saw a silver Mercedes haring down.
    • Even worse, because it is a wide pavement they will use this and drive straight up to the top of the road irrespective of pedestrians.
    • Apparently someone out there beyond the top of Morningside Road wants to demutualise the whole thing.
    1.3 (highest rank, position) he's/she's top of the class
    es el primero/la primera de la clase
    she came top of the class in English
    sacó la mejor nota de la clase en inglés
    our team reached the top of the league
    nuestro equipo se colocó a la cabeza de la liga
    their record is (at the) top of the charts
    su disco es el número uno de la lista de éxitos
    he worked his way to the top
    se abrió camino hasta la cima de su profesión
    there are going to be changes at the top
    va a haber cambios en los estratos más altos
  • 2 2.1 (upper part) the table has a marble top
    el tablero de la mesa es de mármol
    the top of the milk (British English)
    (crema que se acumula en el cuello de la botella de leche)
    I get 25% off the top (American English) [colloquial]
    me llevo el 25% de los beneficios brutos
    to float/rise to the top
    salir a la superficie
    he's very pleasant, but he hasn't got much up top [colloquial]
    es muy agradable, pero un poco corto de luces [colloquial]
    2.2 (rim, edge) fill the glass to the very top
    llena el vaso hasta el borde
    she peered at me over the top of her glasses
    me miró por encima de los anteojos
    2.3 (Clothing)a blue top to match the skirt
    una blusa ( or un suéter or un top etc) que haga juego con la falda
    the bikini top
    la parte de arriba del bikini
    the dress has a patterned top
    el cuerpo del vestido es estampado
    Example sentences
    • They were both wearing short skirts and halter tops.
    • Every body shape imaginable was squeezed into super short skirts and super tight tops with plunging necklines.
    • Jersey makes a big comeback this season in tops, skirts and trousers.
    2.4 (of carrots etc)
    hojas (feminine plural)
    (of green beans etc) rabillo (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • Be sure to pinch back the flowering tops of basil plants to keep them from going to seed too early in the season.
    • Marijuana or marihuana is a drug obtained from the flowering tops, stems, and leaves of the hemp plant (cannabis sativa).
    • When the tops of the carrots grow thicker, thin them to about two to three inches apart.
  • 3on top (as adverb) take the one on top
    toma el/la de encima or arriba
    with a cherry on top
    con una cereza encima or arriba
    there's VAT on top
    además or encima hay que agregarle el IVA
    he can't stay on top for ever
    no puede ser siempre el primero
    he's getting a bit thin on top [colloquial]
    se está quedando calvo
    se está quedando pelón (Central America) (Mexico) [colloquial]
    se está quedando pelado (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
    to come out on top
  • 4on top of (as preposition) on top of the piano
    encima del piano
    the chalet is built on top of a hill
    el chalet está en la cima or en lo alto de una colina
    the tent collapsed on top of us
    la tienda se nos cayó encima
    you don't see it until it's right on top of you
    uno no lo ve hasta que no lo tiene encima
    we'd be living right on top of each other
    acabaríamos los unos encima de los otros
    viviríamos todos amontonados
    on top of this you have to pay …
    además or encima tienes que pagar …
    it's just been one thing on top of another
    ha sido una cosa detrás de otra or una cosa tras otra
    he's always on top of his work
    siempre tiene el trabajo al día
    I feel more on top of things now
    ahora me siento más seguro
    they finally managed to get on top of the situation
    al final consiguieron controlar la situación
    don't let things get on top of you
    no dejes que las preocupaciones te abrumen
    to feel on top of the world
    estar contentísimo
    and on top of it all o on top of all that, she lost her job
    y encima or para colmo or como si esto fuera poco, se quedó sin trabajo
  • 5over the top 5.1 (exaggerated) [colloquial]the costumes were way over the top
    los trajes eran una exageración
    I feel she went rather over the top in her recommendations
    creo que se pasó un poco con sus consejos [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Results from Vodafone's mobile phone recycling scheme show that Sligo and Cork are tops when it comes to mobile phone recycling.
    • Cork Harlequins are rated tops in the country for they have a sweet balance of skill and power in their team.
    5.2 (before noun) over-the-top
  • 7top (gear) (British English) to go into/be in top (gear)
    meter la/estar en directa
  • 8
    also: tops plural
    [colloquial]to be (the) tops
    ser fantástico

adjective before noun

  • 1 1.1 (uppermost)
    de arriba
    the top shelf/drawer
    el estante/cajón de arriba
    she lives on the top floor
    vive en el último piso
    the top left-hand corner of the page
    la esquina superior izquierda de la página
    I'll do the top coat tomorrow
    mañana le doy la última mano
    she couldn't reach top C
    no pudo dar el do de pecho
    Example sentences
    • Early release is being re-examined by the Executive as a top priority.
    • The county's ambulance service has been ranked among the top performers in the speed of its response to patients.
    • Those in top positions tend to fear that statements made on television on the spur of the moment may land them in the dock.
    1.2 (maximum)
    top gear (British English) (Cars)
  • 2 2.1 (best) to be top quality
    ser de primera calidad
    the service is top class
    el servicio es de primera
    the top end of the market
    los sectores de mayor poder adquisitivo
    2.2 (in ranked order) our top priority is …
    nuestra prioridad absoluta es …
    the Top 40 (Music)
    (los 40 discos más vendidos)
    los 40 principales (en Esp)
    2.3 (leading) among the top scientists
    entre los científicos más destacados
    the top jobs
    los mejores puestos
    the top salaries
    los sueldos más altos
    2.4 (senior) he's in top management
    es un alto ejecutivo
    a top official she has a top post at the embassy
    tiene un cargo importante en la embajada
    the top table (British English)
    la mesa principal

transitive verb -pp-

  • 1 1.1 (exceed) unemployment topped the 3 million mark
    el índice de desempleo superó or rebasó los 3 millones
    Example sentences
    • Quarterly figures, published yesterday, show that for the first time, discrimination claims on race grounds topped the number of gender discrimination claims.
    • In the third quarter, the number of unemployed topped the record level of 1991, when huge numbers of immigrants from the former Soviet Union came to Israel.
    • With the way the economy is going now, we hope to top those numbers but that remains to be seen.
    1.2 (surpass)
    to top it all
    para coronarlo
    para colmo
    (más) encima
    and to top it all, he forgot the tickets
    y para coronarlo or para colmo or (más) encima se olvidó de las entradas
    the Tigers topped the Mariners 6-2 (American English)
    los Tigers se impusieron a los Mariners por 6 a 2
    Example sentences
    • There are some examples of child actors who manage to stay in movies as adults, sometimes even topping their early achievements.
    • Jim of Automotive News narrowly topped Anthony Rowley of the Singapore Business Times in a close race.
    • The question of how Rafa Benitez can ever top this achievement can be left for another day.
  • 2 2.1 (head)
    she's topping the bill
    encabeza el reparto
    Example sentences
    • Recent mainstream media polls show issues such as health and rural matters topping the list of public concerns about the performance of the government.
    • Quitting smoking tops the wish list for New Year resolutions and Swindon Primary Care Trust is working hard to help people turn their smoke-free dreams into a reality.
    • He was elected an alderman of Limerick City Council in the 1999 local elections when he topped the poll with over 900 votes in Ward 3.
    2.2 (reach summit of)
    llegar a la cima de
    Example sentences
    • We topped a hill, and another, until we were on a steep north-facing slope that dropped off to the Yellowstone River.
    • I was still winning as we topped the hill and headed down.
    • We were doing about 45 miles per hour when we topped that hill and saw a 2-ton truck 30 feet in front of us.
  • 3 (cover)
    topped with chocolate/cheese
    con chocolate/queso por encima
    Example sentences
    • Tomorrow, that brick wall might be topped with razor wire, and those privacy screens might all be made illegal in the name of National Security.
    • Some changes are small: in some schools, pizza is now topped with low-fat cheese and French fries are baked, not fried.
    • Down the driveway, high electronic gates protect the building and the pale grey walls are topped with rolled razor wire.
  • 4
    cortarle la parte superior a
    Example sentences
    • I had my first jobs when I was in kindergarten picking apples, topping onions and catching cabbage butterflies.
    • Wash and top the radishes.
    • Wash and top the strawberries, then blend until smooth.

reflexive verb -pp-

to top oneself
  • 1 (surpass oneself) (American English) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Al will play a detective who accidentally tops his partner during a murder investigation and is then blackmailed by the killer.
    • ‘I don't know how to say this, other than I think she topped him,’ says a doctor.
    • The killer gets away and Dormer lets the assumption stand that the brutal murderer also topped his partner.
  • 2 (commit suicide) (British English) [slang]

Phrasal verbs

top off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
a disappointing game, topped off by spectator violence
un partido decepcionante, coronado or rematado por violencia en las gradas
to top it (all) off
para coronarlo
para colmo
(más) encima

top out

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
colocarle la planchada a (Uruguay)
2verb + adverb (American English)
tocar techo
alcanzar el punto más alto or las cotas más altas

top up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
let me top you up!
dame que te sirvo un poco más
I need to top up my cell phone/mobile phone
tengo que recargar la tarjeta (de) prepago de mi celular/móvil
the flowers need topping up with water
hay que ponerles más agua a las flores
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There are 2 entries that translate top into Spanish:

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top 2

American English: /tɑp/
British English: /tɒp/


Definition of top in:
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