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Pronunciation: /trækt/


  • 1 (of land, sea) extensión (feminine)
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    • Deforestation along the East Coast also opened up large tracts of land filled with small prey, making the area even more inviting.
    • It was obviously using rolling stock left over from before unification and went through some very depressed areas with large tracts of unused land and derelict buildings.
    • The Dawes Act not only severely restricted communal lands and traditional cultural patterns, it opened up huge tracts of native lands to white settlement and exploitation.
  • 2 [Anatomy/Anatomía] tracto (masculine) the urinary tract el tracto urinario
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    • The degree of elongation in the gastrointestinal tract varies from one region to another.
    • The focus was mostly on Crohn's disease, which can affect any region of the gastrointestinal tract, although the ileum and colon are the sites most frequently involved.
    • Contrast medium appears opaque on X-ray film, providing a clear outline of structures such as your digestive tract or blood vessels.

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