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American English: /treɪl/
British English: /treɪl/

Translation of trail in Spanish:


  • 1
    (left by animal, person) huellas (feminine plural)
    rastro (masculine)
    (of comet) cola (feminine)
    the storms left a trail of destruction
    las tormentas destruyeron or arrasaron todo a su paso
    las tormentas dejaron una estela de estragos a su paso
    he left a trail of litter/debts behind him
    dejó un reguero de basura/deudas tras de sí
    to be on the trail of somebody/something
    seguir la pista de alguien/algo
    seguirle la pista a alguien/algo
    to be hot or hard on the trail of somebody/something
    estar sobre la pista de alguien/algo
    to put/throw somebody off his/her/the trail
    despistar a alguien
    Example sentences
    • The place where the terrorists executed the men on the first day is still marked by trails of dry blood.
    • Seth grew absolutely still as she stomped off, blood marking her trail in tiny drops.
    • On the doorknob was a bloody hand print, there was also a trail of drag marks lagging behind it.
    Example sentences
    • In a drag hunt, a field master leads a team on horseback, guided by foxhounds on the trail of an animal scent.
    • Alexander does it on foot, following meandering game trails and tracking the animals.
    • They were always scavenging for the latest hint of gossip as if they were ravenous animals on the trail of a wounded deer.
    Example sentences
    • As the fires and pumps began to burn off the remaining water within him, a thin trail of smoke exited his nostrils.
    • And he was sure that he was just starting to see the thin trails of smoke from his community's cook-fires.
    • The cigarette dangled from the corner of her red-smudged lips, its burnt and ashy tip sending up thin trails of smoke into the already stuffy air.
  • 2 (path) scenic trail
    sendero (masculine) panorámico
    senda (feminine) panorámica
    to be on the victory trail
    ir camino de la victoria
    to be on the campaign trail
    estar en la campaña electoral
    to blaze a trail
    (lit) marcar un sendero
    Example sentences
    • This may be enough for some, but if you wish to capture hidden aspects of the place you will be visiting you might want to get off the beaten trail.
    • There was no road here, only a trail of beaten earth, and his horse's hooves fell with a dull, muffled sound.
    • The cross-country ski trails are just that - with virtually no warming lodges, ski lessons, or rental equipment.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (drag)
    she sat in the boat, trailing her fingers through the water
    iba en el bote, dejando que sus dedos dibujaran surcos en el agua
    Example sentences
    • Obviously harassed, the young woman walked off, the man still talking in the same vein, trailing along behind her.
    • I sighed as Pitcher waddled along, trailing slightly behind the others sometimes rushing to catch them up.
    • Alternately, it doesn't hurt to find someone smoking tea-leaves and trail along behind them.
    1.2 (deposit) they trailed mud all over the house
    dejaron toda la casa llena de barro a su paso
  • 2 2.1 (follow)
    seguir la pista de
    seguirle la pista a
    he was being trailed by a detective
    un detective le seguía la pista
    Example sentences
    • Basically day-time hunters, their prey is trailed by scent and pursued at sight with no violent outburst of speed, but in a steady tireless canter, which finally outruns the quarry.
    • In the end she had no choice but have them follow her because they trailed her.
    • Kate was drawn magnetically to follow, and trailed him through the door into the dark hallway.
    2.2 (lag behind)
    ir a la zaga de
    we trailed them by six points
    nos llevaban seis puntos de ventaja
    Example sentences
    • But it shouldn't mask the fact that when he was on a football pitch he was the supremo, the quick-footed star of the game who had tricks and skills to burn and opponents trailing in his slipstream.
    • They have been beatable in every game, trailing in the fourth quarter at home against Golden State and Washington.
    • It came down to the end of the game and we were trailing by one point.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (drag) her skirt was trailing on the floor
    la falda le arrastraba por el suelo
    iba arrastrando la falda por el suelo
    a long, trailing dress
    un vestido largo, con cola
    1.2 (move in stream) smoke trailed from the car
    salía humo del coche
  • 2 2.1 (lag behind)
    ir a la zaga
    he trailed behind in the early part of the race
    en la primera parte de la carrera iba rezagado or a la zaga
    2.2 (walk wearily)
    (andar con paso cansino, con desánimo etc)
    we trailed around town all morning
    pateamos toda la mañana por el centro [colloquial]
    we trailed back home again
    nos volvimos a casa desanimados
    Example sentences
    • Donnie promptly looked at Steven, and then began moving up the stairs with Steven trailing wearily behind.
    • He rose to his feet, slowly trailing behind the stern headmaster.
    • Kevin said goodbye to Samantha and walked off trailing behind Martin.
  • 3 3.1 (extend)
    Example sentences
    • I sailed on towards Wellington Harbour 70 miles away, saved only by the branches of a willow tree trailing mercifully within arm's reach.
    • Supported plants are also easier to protect from pests than plants trailing on the ground.
    • Vines trailing overhead and pot plants against the whitewashed walls add a Mediterranean feel.
    3.2 (droop)
    also: trailing present participle

Phrasal verbs

trail away

trail off verb + adverb
irse apagando
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