Translation of transfer in Spanish:


transitive verb/verbo transitivo (-rr-)

/trænsˈfɜːr; trænsˈfɜː(r)/
  • 1 1.1 [funds/account] transferir* he transferred the money to his current account transfirió el dinero a su cuenta corriente 1.2 [property/right] transferir*, traspasar, transmitir she transferred the ownership of the real estate to her partner le transfirió el dominio del inmueble a su socio he transferred ownership of the firm to his daughter/his shares to his wife le traspasó la compañía a su hija/sus acciones a su mujer
    More example sentences
    • First, property rights were transferred from advanced cooperatives to the commune, further centralizing ownership.
    • The Government wants to transfer the onus of responsibility but without giving any remuneration for the costs associated with it.
    • Moreover, one party cannot simply extinguish its responsibility by transferring custody to another.
    1.3 [call] pasar can you transfer me to Sales? ¿me puede comunicar or (in Spain also/en España también) poner con Ventas?
    More example sentences
    • The line was transferred to the man's office and he picked up as Vincent greeted, ‘Hey, Lionel.’
    • Eric heard a click as Haylie transferred the line.
    • She asked if I would like to be transferred to the phone department to talk to someone about the phone charges that are wrong.
    1.4 [employee/prisoner] trasladar; [player] (British English/inglés británico) traspasar he's been transferred to Boston lo han trasladado a Boston we were transferred to another train nos cambiaron de tren
    More example sentences
    • At ten I transferred myself from the couch to the bed.
    • Otherwise, the grease and dirt on the gloves transfers to the couch or clothing.
    • Finally, if you need a blood transfusion (when donated blood is transferred into your body), you may need a blood test to check what blood group you are.
    More example sentences
    • He moved over to St. Louis in 1899 when the owner of the two teams transferred his best players to the Cardinals.
    • It drives transfer markets, makes football a viable business and keeps teams fresh.
    • I don't know what goes on in the world of football transfers these days.
    1.5 [object] pasar transfer the meat to a serving dish pase la carne a una fuente, coloque la carne en una fuente 1.6 [design/pattern] imprimir*
    More example sentences
    • He then turned his paper over, before placing it on the canvas and applying powdered chalk to transfer the design to the surface beneath.
    • Additionally, an artist or publisher who transfers an artwork by a license can also retain greater control over the way it is marketed.
    • Students use their previously prepared drawings to transfer their images to the leather-hard clay planter.
  • 2 (change) the troops transferred ships at Bordeaux las tropas hicieron transbordo or transbordaron en Burdeos she transferred schools when she was 12 se cambió de colegio a los 12 años

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (-rr-)

/trænsˈfɜːr; trænsˈfɜː(r)/
  • [Transport/Transporte] hacer* transbordo, transbordar you have to transfer at Chicago tiene que hacer transbordo or transbordar en Chicagoto transfer to sth John transferred to another course/department John se cambió a otro curso/se trasladó a otro departamento the passengers transferred to a bus los pasajeros se bajaron y tomaron un autobús
    More example sentences
    • A few minutes later, the bus arrives at the location where I need to transfer to another route.
    • It means rail passengers will no longer have to transfer to buses for journeys around Stockport.
    • Another key dislike is transferring, they like a direct journey, really they want to get from A to B as quickly and as easily as possible.


/ˈtrænsfɜːr; ˈtrænsfɜː(r); ˈtrɑːn-/
  • 2 countable/numerable [Transport/Transporte] 2.1 (on journeys, tours) traslado (masculine) 2.2 (permit) (American English/inglés norteamericano) [ billete mediante el cual se puede cambiar de tren o autobús sin pago adicional ]

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