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Translation of transform in Spanish:

transitive verb

American English: /træn(t)sˈfɔrm/
British English: /transˈfɔːm/
, /trɑːnsˈfɔːm/, /tranzˈfɔːm/, /trɑːnzˈfɔːm/
  • 1 (change)
    when she dyed her hair she was completely transformed
    cuando se tiñó el pelo parecía otra
    their lives were transformed by the inheritance
    la herencia les cambió totalmente la vida
    Example sentences
    • She adjusts her breasts and runs her hand over her hair, as she transforms into her character.
    • And then, as I get older, it transforms into something else.
    • This passage explicitly thematizes the way human temporality is experienced as some form of spatial movement - how space transforms into time.
  • 2 (Electricity)
    Example sentences
    • Those receive their 11,000 volt current underground and then transform it to a voltage suitable for the domestic consumers in just one or two roads or streets.
    • The wind plant captures and transforms wind energy into direct current electricity.
    • There the signal is passed through the skin to the implant, which transforms the signal to electrical pulses.
  • 3 (Mathematics)
    (sustituir las incógnitas (de una ecuación) por sus valores expresados en forma algebraica)
    Example sentences
    • He replaced the differential operator d/dx by a variable p transforming a differential equation into an algebraic equation.
    • Variables were transformed with natural logarithms or square roots to normalize residuals.
    • He used them to transform Laplace's equation into ellipsoidal coordinates and so separate the variables and solve the resulting equation.

intransitive verb

American English: /træn(t)sˈfɔrm/
British English: /transˈfɔːm/
, /trɑːnsˈfɔːm/, /tranzˈfɔːm/, /trɑːnzˈfɔːm/
  • to transform into something
    transformarse or convertirse en algo


American English: /ˈtræn(t)sfɔrm/
British English: /ˈtransfɔːm/
, /ˈtrɑːnsfɔːm/, /ˈtranzfɔːm/, /ˈtrɑːnzfɔːm/
  • (Linguistics, Mathematics)
    Example sentences
    • In the bottom portion of the figure, the logarithmic transform of power is presented.
    • The wavelet transform is designed to produce the best image possible given the bandwidth of the medium of transmission.
    • A constant uncertainty on a linear scale transforms to a variable uncertainty on a log scale.
    Example sentences
    • Similar questions are investigated for the sine transforms rather than the cosine transforms.
    • Aleksandrov further developed the integral transform method and used asymptotic methods to solve the problem for a finite thickness layer.
    • The transformation rules may comprise both causal hypotheses and modal transforms.
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