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American English: /trænsˈleɪt/
, /trænzˈleɪt/
British English: /transˈleɪt/
, /trɑːnsˈleɪt/, /tranzˈleɪt/, /trɑːnzˈleɪt/

Translation of translate in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    this word could be translated as …
    esta palabra se podría traducir por …
    to translate something (from something) into somethingtranslate the text from Spanish into French
    traduzca el texto del español al francés
    Example sentences
    • The best thing about that text is that it translates the word ‘pop’ as ‘explosion sound.’
    • Sign language is visual, and isn't always translated word for word into English.
    • Its big guffaw moments include an old lady macing a couple of cops and a sign language interpreter translating four-letter words.
    1.2 (convert)to translate something into somethingtranslated into centigrade this is 42 degrees
    (expresado) en grados centígrados son 42 grados
    to translate ideas into action
    llevar ideas a la práctica
    this will be translated into economies of several thousand dollars
    esto se traducirá en ahorros de varios miles de dólares
    the director translates medieval France into 1920s Chicago
    el director traslada la francia medieval al Chicago de los años veinte
    Example sentences
    • Not only is he one of the best preachers in the world, he has the ability to translate his message into other mediums, including books, music, and drama.
    • I wondered if it would be possible to translate those elements into a time-based medium such as video.
    • The second part happens in the artist's hands, as the idea is translated into a specific medium that other people can appreciate.
  • 2 2.1 (Computing)
    2.2 (Mathematics)
    Example sentences
    • The line may be also translated by dragging it anywhere away from the points.
    • To calculate shape coordinates, the 23 triangles were translated, rotated, and rescaled relative to the baseline.
  • 3 (Religion) 3.1
    Example sentences
    • He was made bishop of Dunkeld in 1544 and three years later, after the murder of Cardinal Beaton, was translated to the archbishopric of St Andrews and primacy.
    Example sentences
    • Relics were increasingly translated, or transported into, churches from sites of martyrdom, and as the basis for Christian burial ad sanctos.
    • The relics and ex voto gifts accumulated since the ninth century when the relics were translated from the administrative town of Agen are now stored in a nearby building.
    • His relics were translated c. 849, to Dunkeld in Pictland, and to Kells.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (Linguistics)
    the word translates as 'love' in English
    esta palabra se traduce por 'love' en inglés
    the poem doesn't translate well into French
    el poema pierde mucho al ser traducido al francés
    Example sentences
    • In addition, many idioms and expressions mean something very different when translated literally into another language.
    • William wrote, in Latin, Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate, which translates literally into English as ‘Plurality should not be posited without necessity’.
    • A classic example of a thirst-quenching summer beer is the German beer known as hefeweizen, which literally translates to ‘yeast wheat beer.’
  • 2 (convert)to translate into something
    traducirse en algo
    this translated into large fuel savings
    esto se tradujo en un gran ahorro de combustible
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