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Pronunciation: /trɪk/

Translation of trick in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (ruse) trampa (feminine), ardid (masculine) it was a trick to get him to confess fue una trampa or un ardid para que confesara they played a dirty trick on him le jugaron una mala pasada, le hicieron una mala jugada it's just a trick of the light es la luz que engaña (before noun/delante del nombre) trick photograph fotografía (feminine) trucada trick photography trucaje (masculine) a trick question una pregunta con trampa see also dirty tricks
    Example sentences
    • Irham said that candidates were found to have used various tricks to deceive the poll commission in their registration documents.
    • Its surprisingly short length is a cunning trick, since this tantalizing opening leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to hear a few more snippets.
    • They just could not understand how anyone would be deceived by the trick.
    1.2 (prank, joke) broma (feminine), jugarreta (feminine) to play a trick on sb hacerle* or gastarle una broma a algn my eyes must be playing tricks on me debo de estar viendo visiones she's up to her old tricks again ya está otra vez haciendo de las suyas how's tricks? [slang/argot] ¿qué tal? [colloquial/familiar], ¿qué onda? (Latin America/América Latina) [slang/argot]
    Example sentences
    • He flits and flies all over the camp, scampers and gambols, plays little mischievous tricks on everyone.
    • It might be love if only they can stop playing nasty practical tricks on each other.
    • In the majority of Western cultures, tricks and jokes are played on the bride and groom separately at small parties held prior to the big day.
  • 2 (feat, skilful act) truco (masculine) to do card tricks hacer* trucos con las cartas I've taught my dog to do tricks le he enseñado al perro a hacer gracias the trick is to add the oil slowly el truco or el secreto está en añadir el aceite poco a poco she knows every trick in the book se las sabe todas [colloquial/familiar] we've tried every trick in the book hemos intentado todo lo habido y por haber he knows all the tricks of the trade se sabe todos los trucos del oficio give it a good thump, that should do the trick dale un buen golpe y verás como funciona thanks for those pills, they did the trick gracias por las pastillas, me hicieron or (Spain/España) me fueron muy bien dog1 1 1
    Example sentences
    • I would not be allowed to watch him and Aiken perform little magic tricks for my amusement.
    • A Western team filmed him with infrared cameras and, of course, were able to show that he was performing a conjuring trick.
    • They introduced him to the village; he played his gramophone, performed conjuring tricks, put on puppet shows, and talked about justice for the peasants.
    Example sentences
    • With a few cunning camera tricks and makeup, he literally becomes a paralyzed man, both of body and of heart.
    • There is a very cunning trick to the site, but it took me some time to spot what it was.
    • First, I note that many readers thought that some intended camera trick had brought about these strange smears and trails.
  • 3 (habit) to have a trick of -ing he has a trick of turning up when we're about to eat tiene la costumbre de aparecerse cuando estamos por comer the generator has a trick of cutting out every half hour al generador le da por apagarse cada media hora [colloquial/familiar]
  • 4 (in card games) baza (feminine) to take/win a trick hacerse*/ganar una baza he/she doesn't miss o never misses a trick no se le escapa ni una
    Example sentences
    • Next, the players play to tricks, with the winner of each trick replacing their card with their choice of one of two exposed cards and the loser receiving the other card.
    • When all the cards have been played each player counts the value of the cards in their tricks.
    • If all players discard their final card on the same trick, no points are awarded.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • engañar he tricked us! ¡nos ha engañado! to trick sb into -ing engañar a algn para que + subjunctive/subjuntivo to trick sb out of sth birlarle algo a algn I was tricked out of my inheritance me birlaron la herencia [colloquial/familiar]


(before noun/delante del nombre)
  • 1.1 [cigar/spider] de juguete, de mentira, de pega (Spain/España) [colloquial/familiar] 1.2 (American English/inglés norteamericano) con problemas

Phrasal verbs

trick out

verb + object + adverb/verbo + complemento + adverbio

Definition of trick in:

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