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American English: /ˈtrɪk(ə)l/
British English: /ˈtrɪk(ə)l/

Translation of trickle in Spanish:

intransitive verb + adverb complement

  • 1 (flow) perspiration trickled down his forehead
    le corrían gotas de sudor por la frente
    water trickled from the pipe
    salía un hilito de agua de la cañería
    the sand trickled through his fingers
    la arena se deslizó por entre sus dedos
    the water was trickling away
    el agua se iba escurriendo poco a poco
    Example sentences
    • Our bodies, faces, and hair drip with rain water trickling to the ground.
    • That night they found a small stream with fresh, clean, water trickling toward the ocean to their right.
    • Soon a sweet purple liquid was trickling out of the spout into the container she had placed underneath.
  • 2 (arrive, go) letters are still trickling in
    todavía se está recibiendo alguna que otra carta
    the audience began to trickle back into the hall
    poco a poco el público fue volviendo a la sala
    Example sentences
    • And I really went week after week, month after month, before the details of what was going on in that family slowly began to trickle out.
    • With all of the food eaten, and the time growing late, people began to slowly trickle out of the dining hall, until only a few people were left.
    • Two guards took their positions on either side of the door and opened it as the kingdom's residents began to trickle in slowly.

transitive verb

  • he trickled water over the leaves
    dejó caer un hilito de agua sobre las hojas
    Example sentences
    • Without hesitation, he brought the canteen to Joe's lips and trickled some water into his son's mouth.
    • The inside ceiling was more planks of wood, the outer bark shingles helping to trickle the water off the edges.
    • Her cheeks were covered in tiny scrapes and a larger wound was already trickling a small stream of crimson blood down the middle of her forehead.


  • a trickle of blood
    un hilo de sangre
    the river is now no more than a trickle
    el río ya no es más que un hilito
    the initial trickle of refugees became a flood
    el goteo inicial de refugiados se convirtió en un verdadero torrente
    applications have slowed to a trickle
    ya solo se recibe alguna que otra solicitud
    Example sentences
    • Several small trickles of blood flow down the side of his neck.
    • I collapsed behind a car cradling my head, feeling fresh trickles of blood flow down my face.
    • His arms were covered in small trickles of blood that flowed from the many burns on his body.
    Example sentences
    • For years, all was quiet as the Western frontier was slowly settled by a trickle of pioneers.
    • Fresh new buying migrates in slowly, a trickle at first that may grow into a deluge many years later.
    • Radio space slowly trickles out as the Federal Communications Commission frees more of the spectrum for real-world uses.
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