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American English: /trɪm/
British English: /trɪm/

Translation of trim in Spanish:

adjective comparative trimmer superlative trimmest

  • 1 (slim)
    Example sentences
    • The slim, trim title, suggesting an anthology of prefaces as an art form, is a leftover from Gray's earliest plan for the book.
    • All qualities, one may contend, perfect to maintain a slim and trim posture.
    • It is likely enough that pupils painted the background into which the master inserted the Teniers-like bright individual figures and their trim dogs.
  • 2 (neat)
    de buen corte
    de líneas estilizadas
    muy cuidado
    Example sentences
    • These neat and trim premises and surrounds are a credit to the school's scholars and teachers.
    • These very trim and neat little craft will be a big addition to the club for their one class racing events.
    • The numerous choices include various preferences, faders on/off, smart and trim tool selections and more.


  • 1 uncountable (condition)
    estado (masculine)
    condiciones (feminine plural)
    (good condition) buen estado (masculine)
    buenas condiciones (feminine plural)
    swimming keeps me in trim
    la natación me mantiene en forma or en buen estado físico
    try to keep your equipment in good trim
    intenta mantener tu equipo en buenas condiciones
    Example sentences
    • His counterpart was a short, compact man, obviously in the type of shape and trim that came from self-indulgent working out.
    • This company isn't just back in fighting trim - it's stronger than ever.
    • Keep in fighting trim, people; we will be needing you soon.
  • 2 countable (cut) just a trim, please
    córteme solo las puntas, por favor
    to give the hedge a trim
    recortar el seto
    Example sentences
    • He looked a little messy, with his hair desperately needing a trim as it was always ruffled.
    • Speaking of hair that needed a trim, Liam had really let himself go.
    • His brown hair needed a trim even as it curled darkly over the color of his faded green shirt.
  • 4 uncountable (Nautical)
    Example sentences
    • A quick trip from the cabin to check the tiller and sail trim and to scan for other shipping, and the skipper was in from the cold again.
    • No witness before the Subcommittee was able to offer any reasonable suggestion to explain how the ship could have gotten out of trim in that 24-hour period.
    • In consequence, a nuclear submarine proceeding at quite high speeds for protracted periods could become substantially out of trim.

transitive verb present participle trimming past tense, past participle trimmed

  • 1 1.1 (cut)
    we had to trim back the rose bushes
    tuvimos que podar bastante los rosales
    Example sentences
    • His fingernails were trimmed to a neat band of white.
    • Grapes harvested are collected in a shed, where groups of women trim the fruit into neat little bunches for about $1 day.
    • When it came to her diet, Randi decided to make small but significant changes: She started by trimming her portion sizes and adding a vegetable or a dark-green leafy salad to every meal.
    1.2 (reduce)
    exercises to trim (down) your hips
    ejercicios para adelgazar las caderas
    Example sentences
    • Costs have been trimmed, new technology installed, the product range reduced and the workforce cut from 18,000 to 7,000.
    • It added the move would be good for the company's cost base by trimming the ‘increasing cost burden of complying with US securities regulations’.
    • This isn't to say programs haven't been trimmed; some have.
  • 2 2.1 (decorate)
    trimmed with velvet
    con adornos de terciopelo
    (round edge) con ribetes de terciopelo
    ribeteado de terciopelo
    Example sentences
    • The sleeves and seams are trimmed with reflective material that's usually found on running shoes.
    • It was midnight blue and the sleeves and neckline were trimmed with white, and the material was glowing in the dim light.
    • The hem was trimmed with white beads, and pearls and rubies framed the neck.
    2.2 (Motor Vehicles) (upholster) the car interior is trimmed in leather
    el interior del coche está tapizado en cuero
  • 3 (Nautical)
    Example sentences
    • While trimming sails as a beginner, Pogell discovered that the sport was an ideal vehicle for personal growth.
    • David was meticulously trimming the mainsail when Howard stumbled out of the aft cabin and went up on deck, blinking in morning sunshine.
    • They trimmed the sails in out, in out, for hours and it made the difference.
    Example sentences
    • As the power changes, the airplane naturally trims nose-down, so the pilot trims up to compensate.
  • 4 (US) [colloquial] (defeat decisively)
    darle una paliza a [colloquial]

intransitive verb present participle trimming past tense, past participle trimmed

  • ir con la corriente

Phrasal verbs

trim away

verb + adverb + object, verb + object + adverb
trim off

trim off

verb + adverb + object, verb + object + adverb
(cut off)
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