There are 2 translations of trust in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /trʌst/


  • 1 1.1 u (confidence, faith) confianza (f) he's betrayed her trust ha traicionado la confianza que había puesto en él trust in sb/sth confianza en algn/algo I have every trust in his integrity tengo absoluta confianza en su integridad to put o place one's trust in sb/sth depositar su ( or mi etc) confianza en algn/algo on trust (without verification) bajo palabra (on credit) a crédito to take sb on trust fiarse* de algn we'll just have to take her story on trust habrá que fiarse de la veracidad de sus palabras take it on trust that … ten por seguro que …
    More example sentences
    • Although recent events may have combined to erode this trust and our belief in its abilities, we must strive to recall how effective a therapeutic tool it once was.
    • I am staying strong within my faith, trust and beliefs as I grow spiritually.
    • There is probably nothing worse than the betrayal of trust and belief.
    More example sentences
    • There's life in Munster yet, even if we are taking it more on trust than on hard evidence.
    • As well, the heart of his case was that much of the evidence needed to be accepted on trust.
    • Secondly, to be completely autonomous is to not take any statement on trust or recognize authority.
    1.2 u c (responsibility) a position of trust un puesto de confianza or responsabilidad a sacred trust una sagrada responsabilidad, un deber sagrado
  • 2 [Fin] 2.1 c (money, property) fondo (m) de inversiones 2.2 c (institution) fundación (f)
    More example sentences
    • The family now uses more than 100 trusts, including numerous charitable trusts, to manage its money.
    • A limited company formed by a charitable trust founded by a consortium of scientists and growers which has been renting the site is now close to clinching a deal to buy it.
    • They also propose creating unified health and social work budgets to be managed by community health trusts.
    2.3 u [Law] (custody) fideicomiso (m) to hold sth in trust for sb mantener* algo en fideicomiso para algn
    More example sentences
    • ‘For a recommendation to be implemented, it has to be supported by a trust or other body with influence,’ he said.
    • This has worked elsewhere, especially with civic trusts and other well organised groups.
    • In addition to IBCs, there are limited partnerships and trusts, all of which are exempt from taxation.
    2.4 c [Fin] (financial instrument) fideicomiso (m)
    More example sentences
    • He would himself use the language of Progressive era reform rhetoric to mold Storrow and those who supported him as men of money, monopolies and trusts.
    • The organisation has asked for our help in cracking down on abusive corporations, abusive trusts and tax shelters.
    • Many trusts now enter the market to buy their own shares and support the price if their value drops by more than 10% under the NAV.
    More example sentences
    • He settles that property on trusts which give his wife an initial interest in possession for her life or 3 months whichever is the shorter.
    • Council currently has around 13 per cent of its funds in shares, bonds and property trusts.
    • If the property is held in trust and a person has a beneficial interest in it, I suppose that person can sell that beneficial interest.

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There are 2 translations of trust in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (have confidence in) [person] confiar* en, tener* confianza en; (in negative sentences) fiarse* de trust me confía en mí, ten confianza en mí don't trust her no te fíes de ella he can't be trusted no es de fiar I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him no me fío un pelo de él [familiar/colloquial]to trust sb/sth to + inf they trust him to solve any problems confían en que les solucione cualquier problema can they be trusted to be there on time? ¿podemos confiar en que van a llegar a tiempo? I don't trust them to do as they're told no me fío de que vayan a obedecer I've broken it — trust you! [iro] se me ha roto — ¡típico! to trust sb with sth confiarle* algo a algn I wouldn't trust him with my car yo no le confiaría mi coche I'd trust her with my life pondría mi vida en sus manos, confío plenamente en ella
    More example sentences
    • The hard truth is that we cannot trust our own abilities to bring about the kind of faith that transforms our lives.
    • We've entered a new world of politics now, where no one can be trusted and the truth doesn't matter.
    • In order to do that one needs the ability to trust others, to know how to communicate, to freely discuss and also how to adapt to others and to new situations.
    More example sentences
    • They have told of faithful Daniel who trusted in the Lord
    • They cried unto thee, and were delivered: they trusted in thee, and were not confounded.
    • I trusted in the system, I trusted in God and it's paid off.
    1.2 (entrust) to trust sth/sb to sb/sth confiarle* algo/algn a algn/algo
    More example sentences
    • The sort of job it is, means you're the person that whenever you go out to the farmer, he is putting all his confidence in you, trusting you with his livelihood.
    • People trusted him with their most confidential matters and valued his advice and encouragement.
    • In that stillness, the vastness of the energy touched deep seeds of consciousness in them as they trusted me with their confidences and secrets.
  • 2 (hope, assume) [formal] esperar we trust you enjoyed yourselves esperamos que se hayan divertido I trust you're well espero que estés bien I trust so eso espero
    More example sentences
    • We hope and trust that workers have learnt a lesson and in future will reflect and weight all the pros and cons before deciding to down tools.
    • I hope and trust that this debate will be furthered and continued by other participants.
    • I hope and trust that you can salvage your friendships/relationships with the truly penitent.


  • to trust in sb/sth confiar* or tener* confianza en algn/algo to trust to sth confiar* en algo to trust to luck dejar algo librado al azar

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