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American English: /traɪ/
British English: /trʌɪ/

Translation of try in Spanish:

transitive verb tries, trying, tried

  • 1 1.1 (attempt) don't try anything
    no intentes nada
    to try to + infinitive
    tratar de + infinitive
    intentar + infinitive
    he drowned trying to rescue them
    se ahogó al tratar de or al intentar rescatarlos
    try to or [colloquial]try and concentrate
    trata de or intenta concentrarte
    I'll try to finish it today
    trataré de or intentaré terminarlo hoy
    she tried hard to persuade them
    trató de or intentó convencerlos por todos los medios
    just you try!
    ¡haz la prueba!
    to try something on somebodyshe once tried that on me
    a mí también trató de engañarme así una vez
    it's trying to rain [colloquial]
    parece que quiere llover [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I tried to be a sales executive, a sailor and even got married to try and fit into the role of a good wife.
    • So we though we would give it a try and much to our surprise from the very first time that we tried to grow these blood vessels it worked.
    • She tried to make herself fall asleep so she could try and forget the situation she was in.
    1.2 (attempt to operate) he tried all the windows
    probó a abrir todas las ventanas
    she tried the switch, but nothing happened
  • 2 2.1 (experiment with)
    I've tried everything, but the stain won't come out
    he probado con todo, pero la mancha no sale
    I've never tried raw fish
    nunca he comido or probado pescado crudo
    try some
    prueba un poquito
    we're going to try the coast this year
    este año vamos a probar qué tal nos va en la playa
    to try -inghave you tried frying it?
    ¿has probado a freírlo?
    shall we try adding a little oil?
    ¿le agregamos un poco de aceite, a ver qué pasa?
    try looking at the problem from another angle
    prueba con un enfoque distinto del problema
    to try something on somebodyI tried the recipe on the kids and they hated it
    les hice el plato a los niños y no les gustó nada
    she tried her lecture on us first
    primero ensayó or practicó la conferencia con nosotros
    Example sentences
    • There are many tried and tested methods that have been used in Europe before.
    • Parents will be able to try different sorts and if they like them can buy their own stock.
    • Please bear in mind that I have seen a lot of therapists who try different kinds of therapy.
    2.2 (have recourse to) she tried Jack, but he didn't know
    se lo preguntó a Jack pero él no lo sabía
    I'll try his work number
    voy a probar a llamarlo al trabajo
    I tried several bookshops before I found a copy
    busqué en or recorrí varias librerías antes de encontrar un ejemplar
  • 3 3.1 (put to the test)
    poner a prueba
    to try one's luck at something
    probar suerte con algo
    Example sentences
    • As cricket has discovered the game has to be approachable and rain delays try the patience of everyone.
    • She tried my patience sometimes, but equally I probably didn't give enough of a chance.
    • After a year of sustained eyebrow raising and boomerang pints, they now no longer try my patience or my vocal chords.
    Example sentences
    • Sam was duly tried and convicted on the conspiracy count but the Appellant was not called as a witness at that trial.
    • Within two days, both men were tried, convicted and sentenced to two years' jail.
    • The soldiers were subsequently tried by a regimental court martial and acquitted.
    3.2 (put strain on)
    poner a prueba
    these things are sent to try us [literary]
    Dios nos pone a prueba
  • 4 (Law)
    to try somebody for something
    juzgar a alguien por algo
    Example sentences
    • The actions were consolidated and the judge agreed to try preliminary issues which are the subject of this appeal.
    • The information is invalid and as such this Court has no jurisdiction to try the issue arising therefrom.
    • This I have done and I have told him that I can see no reason why I should not continue to try the case.

intransitive verb tries, trying, tried

  • the team just isn't trying
    el equipo no está haciendo ningún esfuerzo
    I can't do it: will you try?
    no puedo, prueba or inténtalo tú
    try as we might, we made no progress
    por más esfuerzos que hacíamos, no progresábamos nada
    if at first you don't succeed try, try and try again
    si al principio no lo logras, sigue intentándolo
    you have to try harder to try one's best or hardest
    hacer todo lo posible
    she couldn't be hurtful if she tried
    es incapaz de herir a nadie

noun plural tries

  • 1 countable (attempt) it's worth a try
    vale la pena intentarlo or hacer la tentativa or hacer la prueba
    that's not the right answer, but it was a good try
    esa no es la respuesta, pero no estabas tan desencaminado
    there's no answer, I'll give him/it another try later
    no contestan, insistiré or volveré a llamar más tarde
    have another try
    vuelve a intentarlo
    haz otro intento or otra tentativa
    she's going to have another try at the exam
    va a volver a presentarse al examen
    Example sentences
    • It just took me a few weeks and just a few tries to accomplish all that.
    • Then my foot slipped off on only the second move of my third try.
    • Otherwise why would they have come back for a second and a third try?
  • 2 (trial, experiment) (no plural) this wine should be worth a try
    merece la pena probar este vino
    we'll give him a try
    le daremos una oportunidad
    have you had a try on his bike yet?
    ¿ya has probado su bicicleta?
    Example sentences
    • Even if the idea seems strange, give it a try, as you have nothing to lose, but only to gain.
    • I didn't even know if asking her was a good idea or not, but I'll give it a try and see what happens.
    • It was getting excellent reviews there, so I decided to give it a try.
  • 3 countable (in rugby) to score a try
    marcar un ensayo
    Example sentences
    • We can find out about games played, tries scored, goals kicked, brothers and fathers, referees, captains and so on.
    • The action was fast moving and skilful, enterprising and well judged and both sides produced two tries and two penalty kicks.
    • While he was off the pitch the Giants scored two tries and a drop goal took their lead to 15-12.

Phrasal verbs

try for

verb + preposition + object
tratar de conseguir
he's going to try for the scholarship
va a tratar de conseguir la beca
se va a presentar para la beca
this time we're trying for a girl
vamos a ver si esta vez tenemos una niña
esta vez vamos a por la niña (Spain) [colloquial]

try on

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
medirse (Colombia) (Mexico)
can I try it on?
¿me lo puedo probar or (Colombia) (Mexico) medir?
to try it on (with somebody) (British) [colloquial]they had a new teacher and they were really trying it on
tenían una maestra nueva y estaban viendo hasta dónde podían llegar con ella
don't try it on with me!
¡cuidadito con pasarte de la raya or (Río de la Plata) al patio conmigo! [colloquial]

try out

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (test)
poner a prueba
to try something out on somebody
probar algo con alguien
they tried the drug out on 50 patients
probaron el fármaco con 50 pacientes
2verb + adverb (be tested)to try out (for something)
presentarse a una prueba (para algo)
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