There are 2 translations of tuck in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /tʌk/


  • 1 c (fold, pleat) jareta (f), alforza (f) (CS) , pliegue (m) to put a tuck in a skirt hacerle* una jareta or (CS) una alforza a una falda
    More example sentences
    • There were tucks and folds and frills and bows and lace and rhinestones and embroidery and ribbons all over it.
    • The idea is to complement a window's architectural style with innovative folds, fanciful tucks, or simple pleats set one behind the other.
    • Mild Red stayed true to its trademark of uneven necklines and hemlines, idiosyncratic tucks and darting and the mixed media of wools and wovens
  • 2 u (snack food) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar], golosinas (fpl)
    More example sentences
    • The Nutrition in Schools Bill, expected to be published within weeks, will give ministers powers to ban unhealthy foods from school tuck shops and canteens.
    • The projects being piloted in 500 schools across the country include a crackdown on unhealthy foods in school tuck shops and vending machines.
    • During the week there was a poster contest, a healthy food cook-off, and deliciously healthy snacks in the school tuck shop.

Definition of tuck in:

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There are 2 translations of tuck in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (place) meter he tucked the blanket firmly under the mattress metió bien la manta debajo del colchón it looks better tucked into your skirt queda mejor por dentro (de la falda) she tucked the magazine under her arm se colocó la revista debajo del brazo he tucked the letter into his pocket se metió la carta en el bolsillo she sat with one leg tucked under her estaba sentada sobre una pierna
    More example sentences
    • Sometime while I was singing she had managed to wrap an arm around me and tucked her head under my chin.
    • A signed recall proposal kept tucked in a drawer is a constant threat to the government.
    • She carries a small wooden truncheon tucked up her sleeve in case her customers turn violent.
    1.2 [person] arropar she tucked him into bed lo arropó bien en la cama
    More example sentences
    • Without my knowing, Terrence pulled back the silky covers of his bed and tucked me in, placing his soft lips on my forehead before leaving the room, closing the door with a soft click.
    • In her home I ate my first real Aussie meal, and during a sleep-over I experienced her mother's kindness when she came into my room at night and with gentle hands straightened the coverlet on my bed and tucked me in.
    • Then, I lied her in her clean bed and tucked her in.
  • 2 (sew) [blouse/curtain] hacerle* jaretas or (CS) alforzas a, alforzar* (CS)


  • the blouse tucks into the skirt la blusa va or se lleva por dentro (de la falda)

Phrasal verbs

tuck away

v + o + adv, v + adv + o (eat) [colloquial/familiar] [pies/cakes] zamparse [familiar/colloquial], pulirse [familiar/colloquial], mandarse (AmL) [familiar/colloquial] those kids can sure tuck it away ¡cómo tragan or papean esos chicos! [familiar/colloquial] 1.1v + o + adv (put away) guardar he quickly tucked the letter away in his pocket escondió or se guardó la carta rápidamente en el bolsillo the house is tucked away at the foot of the hill la casa está enclavada en un rincón al pie de la colina she has a tidy little sum tucked away for her old age tiene unos ahorritos guardados para la vejez

tuck in

v + adv (eat) [colloquial/familiar] ponerse* a comer, atacar* [familiar/colloquial] tuck in everybody! ¡al ataque! [familiar/colloquial] 1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o 2.1 (in trousers, under mattress) meter tuck your shirt in métete la camisa por dentro (de los pantalones) tuck the sheets in mete las puntas de las sábanas debajo del colchón 2.2 [stomach/chin] meter 2.3 [child/invalid] arropar

tuck into

v + prep + o
[colloquial/familiar] ponerse* a comer, atacar* [familiar/colloquial]

tuck up

v + o + adv
to tuck sb up (in bed) arropar a algn (en la cama)

Definition of tuck in: