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Pronunciation: /twɪst/

Translation of twist in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (screw, coil) retorcer* to twist sth around sth enrollar or enroscar* algo alrededor de algo the snake twisted itself around its prey la serpiente se enroscó alrededor de su presa the wires got twisted se enroscaron los cables
    Example sentences
    • Maybe if I twist this ring a little harder I'll get to imagine Kendall again.
    • Reaching in his back pocket, he pulled out the ring of keys and twisted the smallest one in the lock on his right cuff.
    • She adjusted the tiny screw at the top and twisted some more, still nothing came out.
    Example sentences
    • The pair were laughing loudly, Corrie twisting one of her curls around her finger.
    • Rochelle began twisting some of her hair around her finger, and I thought that she mustn't have been keeping tabs on me as well as she thought.
    • Cora toyed with her cloak, twisting the shining white fabric between her fingers while gazing up at the stars.
    1.2 (turn) [handle/knob] girar to twist the lid off a bottle desenroscar* la tapa de una botella he twisted her arm le retorció el brazo little finger
    Example sentences
    • Her face ached from the false smile that appeared on her lips, and her toe throbbed from being twisted in the wrong direction.
    • Every head in Madrid's packed Plaza de Toros was twisted in their direction.
    • And before he knew it, the pro had twisted him into positions he never thought possible.
  • 2 2.1 (distort) retorcer* his face was twisted with pain tenía el rostro crispado por el dolor 2.2 (sprain) torcer* I twisted my ankle/wrist me torcí el tobillo/la muñeca
    Example sentences
    • In attempting to play the shot, Lehmann twisted the injured left knee which he already had strapped and he obviously did further damage.
    • The Spaniard had a break point for a 3-1 lead in the first set when he twisted his right ankle after chasing a Sluiter forehand.
    • ‘The real test will come in the New Year when I am running and twisting the knee but a week after the operation everything is going well,’ he said.
    2.3 (alter, pervert) [words] tergiversar; [meaning] torcer* you twisted what I said has tergiversado or distorsionado lo que dije
    Example sentences
    • I have been misquoted and my words have been twisted.
    • Being clear, and always conscious of whether my words could be twisted, was really important.
    • We seem to have a lot of sensible men in our laboratories at the moment but their words are being twisted and blown up in a quite irresponsible manner by the media.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 (wind, coil) [rope/wire] enrollarse, enroscarse*; [road/river] serpentear 1.2 (turn, rotate) girar the cap twists off el tapón se desenrosca 1.3 (writhe) retorcerse*
    Example sentences
    • She squirmed and writhed and twisted, genuinely this time, but she was small anyway, and Sarah was strong, and so she wasn't going anywhere.
    • She tried to wriggle and twist around, but could only move fractionally.
    • The sea will rear up because Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, is twisting and writhing in fury, making his way toward the land.
    1.4 (dance) bailar el twist
    Example sentences
    • The dancing couples twisted and turned, dancing until they got dizzy and sat down for a drink.
    • If you can listen to either one's music without starting to twist, frug or jerk, you seriously need a soul implant.
    • He took my hand and held my waist as we danced across the floor, twisting and twirling.
    Example sentences
    • The corner of her eye caught the yellow bus as it came down the long road, twisting and winding, stopping here and there to pick up children that also attended school.
    • Below, another less obvious route twists off slyly to the south.
    • The rim snakes and twists and after a while it's easy to lose your bearings in an unfamiliar place.


  • 2 (in story, events) vuelta (feminine) de tuerca, giro (masculine) inesperado by a (strange) twist of fate por una de esas (extrañas) vueltas que da la vida

Phrasal verbs

twist up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
enredar to be twisted up estar* enredado

Definition of twist in:

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