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Pronunciation: /ˌʌndərˈteɪk; ˌʌndəˈteɪk/

vt (past -took past p, -taken)

  • 1.1 (take upon oneself) [responsibility] asumir; [obligation] contraer*; [task] emprender; (with energy, vigor) acometer they undertook the crossing in a raft emprendieron el cruce en una balsa all types of building work undertaken realizamos or hacemos todo tipo de trabajo de albañilería
    More example sentences
    • When I became president two-and-a-half years ago I undertook a duty and responsibility.
    • This is a mammoth project undertaken by a very committed and brave team of artists and technicians.
    • To undertake the duties and responsibilities of a platoon sergeant, you are expected to be at the top of your game.
    1.2 (promise, guarantee) to undertake to + inf comprometerse a + inf
    More example sentences
    • This is a general contractual principle - whenever anyone undertakes to secure a particular end, failure to do so is breach of contract.
    • Some institutions have undertaken to provide the participants with caps and T-shirts.
    • He agreed to pay the full sum, half of which was tax and half accrued interest and penalties, and undertook to sell off family assets to meet the demand within six months.
    More example sentences
    • The Buyer undertakes that, based on the information which it has received at the date of this Agreement, it does not believe that it has cause to bring a material Relevant Claim in respect of breach of any of the Warranties.
    • Secondly, he undertakes that, on due presentment of the bill to the drawee, it will be duly accepted (where acceptance is needed) and paid.
    • The buyer undertakes that, in consideration of the bank releasing the bill of lading to it, it will hold it on trust for the bank, together with the goods and the proceeds of their sale.

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