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Pronunciation: /ˈʌpər; ˈʌpə(r)/


(before noun/delante del nombre)
  • 1 1.1 (spatially, numerically) [jaw] superior; [lip] superior, de arriba the upper storeys las plantas or los pisos superiores upper age limit límite (masculine) (máximo) de edad temperatures in the upper twenties temperaturas de cerca de 30°C or de casi 30°C the upper tax bracket la banda impositiva más elevada
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    • Place the cuff on your bare upper arm one-inch above the bend of your elbow.
    • They arise when the water vapour from hot aircraft exhausts mixes with the cool air of the upper atmosphere, about 32,000 ft above the Earth's surface.
    • Below it is a grand looking sofa that has large wooden arms at each side and an ornate square pattern that runs above the upper cushion.
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    • These farmers are mostly uneducated but they take full advantage of the benefits they can derive from their upper caste status.
    • By the start of next season, I want us to be pitching for a position at the upper end of the league table.
    • Should we be struggling to improve women's position in the upper layers of the bourgeoisie, or should we be addressing the fundamental divisions within society?
    1.2 (in rank, importance) [ranks/echelons] superior, más elevado the upper chamber oupper house [Politics/Política] la cámara alta
  • 2 [Geography/Geografía] alto the upper reaches of the Nile la parte alta del Nilo Upper Silesia la Alta Silesia the Upper Danube el alto Danubio upper Manhattan el norte de Manhattan
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    • The tour raises money for the Wesley Institute, an Upper St. Clair nonprofit organization that provides services to Southwestern Pennsylvania youths with mental health and behavioral challenges.
    • John Maher, an Upper St. Clair Republican, said leaders ‘are aware of my desire for openness.’
    • She worked in the music industry in Los Angeles for many years but recently moved back to an Upper East Side apartment, where she is trying to write a screenplay and buying vintage clothing and jewelry to resell on eBay.


  • 1.1 (of shoe)[ parte superior del calzado ] leather uppers, man-made soles zapatos de cuero con suela sintética to be (down) on one's uppers [colloquial/familiar] estar* más pobre que las ratas 1.2
    (uppers plural)
    (American English/inglés norteamericano) [Dentistry/Odontología] dentadura (feminine) postiza ([ superior ])

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