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Translation of upset in Spanish:


American English: /ˌəpˈsɛt/
British English: /ʌpˈsɛt/
  • 1 (unhappy, hurt)
    (distressed) alterado
    (offended) ofendido
    (disappointed) desilusionado
    he would be most upset to hear you talk like that
    se disgustaría mucho si te oyera hablar así
    she's upset because he hasn't come home yet
    está muy preocupada or inquieta porque todavía no ha vuelto a casa
    she's upset because they left without saying goodbye
    está muy ofendida porque se fueron sin despedirse
    Example sentences
    • And they were very clearly upset about the arrests.
    • There are many in the party who are desperately and bitterly upset about what happened to Simon Crean, so they are not happy about having to choose another leader.
    • Others were also upset about Anderson's division of the resource.
  • 2 (Medicine)I have an upset stomach
    estoy or ando mal del estómago
    estoy descompuesto (del estómago) (esp Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • Place 1 drop of Peppermint oil in 1/2 glass of water, sip slowly to aid digestion and relieve an upset stomach.
    • The court heard Mr Stones and Miss Collins felt no ill effects but Mr Gill suffered an upset stomach and diarrhoea and headache and had to take a day off work.
    • It costs pennies, and its side effect is an upset stomach.

transitive verb present participle upsetting past tense & past participle upset

American English: /ˌəpˈsɛt/
British English: /ʌpˈsɛt/
  • 1 (hurt)
    (distress) alterar
    (offend) ofender
    the bad news/his death/the divorce upset her a lot
    la mala noticia/su muerte/el divorcio la afectó muchísimo
    please try not to upset the patient
    procuren que el paciente no se excite or se altere
    there's no point in upsetting your parents: don't tell them about the accident
    para qué disgustar a tus padres; no les cuentes lo del accidente
    his thoughtlessness/rudeness upset her
    le molestó su desconsideración/grosería
    why upset yourself? he didn't mean it
    ¿por qué te lo tomas a mal? no lo hizo a propósito
    Example sentences
    • And because I'm her granddaughter, she is going to worry more about upsetting me than about being honest, maybe.
    • The lessons were free, so I'm not worried about upsetting anyone.
    • Aimée glanced up at Logan and studied him, unhappy that she'd upset him by ‘going back on their agreement’.
  • 2 (make ill) it upsets my stomach
    me cae mal
    me sienta mal (al estómago)
  • 3 3.1 (throw into disorder)
    to upset the balance of something
    desequilibrar algo
    Example sentences
    • We read regularly about the horrors that can befall our planet if we upset the fine ecological balance.
    • Long hours and late hours could upset the ‘work-life balance’, especially when there are inadequate support systems.
    • While they cannot win, they can upset the normal campaigning balance.
    3.2 (knock over)
    Example sentences
    • Her new paint jar was upset, along with the chair lying side ways on the floor.
    • ‘Oh, I'm so terribly sorry’, he adds, thoroughly mortified, reaching for a napkin and upsetting the table again.
    • A few minutes later, the ship trembled slightly, enough to make one lose their balance, but not enough to upset anything.


American English: /ˈəpsɛt/
British English: /ˈʌpsɛt/
  • 1 countable and uncountable 1.1 (disturbance, upheaval) the upset involved in moving house
    el trastorno que supone una mudanza
    a big upset to their plans
    un gran revés or contratiempo para sus planes
    Example sentences
    • It can get out of control and is the cause of much upset and worry for many people.
    • Christine, who now works at Woodhead Brothers, Colne, broke down as she heard the verdict and said she was looking forward to getting back to a normal life after ten months of worry and upset and the threat of jail.
    • Walking over, his face showed rising worry and upset.
    1.2 (emotional trouble) she's had a bit of an upset
    ha tenido un disgusto
  • 2 countable (surprise result) (Politics, Sport)
    (defeat) derrota (feminine) inesperada
    Example sentences
    • As the election campaign gathers pace, a discernible public alienation and antagonism is being felt around the mainstream parties that may result in some unexpected upsets at the polls
    • Again, things could be further complicated if there are upsets or no results in the minor matches.
    • And so it has been for supporters of Roscommon and Leitrim who have seen ‘middling’ teams cause major and unexpected upsets over the years.
  • 3 countable (Medicine)to have a stomach upset
    estar mal del estómago
    estar descompuesto del estómago (esp Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • Others reported a loss of appetite, insomnia, digestive upsets, palpitations, headaches, and muscular aches and pains.
    • Many arthritis sufferers benefit greatly from the pain relief provided by anti-inflammatory prescription drugs, but they can suffer unpleasant side effects, such as gastric irritation and stomach upsets.
    • Many stomach upsets are simply caused because our bodies are not used to exotic or spicy foods.
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