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American English: /ˈvælju/
British English: /ˈvaljuː/

Translation of value in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable and countable (monetary worth) to gain or increase (in) value
    aumentar de valor
    to lose (in) value
    books to the value of $500
    libros por valor de 500 dólares
    insured against loss to a value of $10,000
    asegurado contra pérdidas de hasta 10.000 dólares
    have you anything of value in your bag?
    ¿lleva algo de valor en el bolso?
    a painting of great value
    un cuadro muy valioso or de gran valor
    he set or put a value of $700 on the vase
    tasó el jarrón en 700 dólares
    you can't put a value on human life
    la vida humana no tiene precio
    value for money
    una buena relación calidad-precio
    all-inclusive value-for-money European tours (British)
    viajes por Europa a buen precio con todo incluido
    that's good value (for money)
    está muy bien de precio
    Example sentences
    • Each authority will end up with separate contracts and their total value will be worth more than £100m a year.
    • He could not attach monetary value to the loss caused by the strike as no calculations hade been made yet.
    • Nobody chose to collect anything of great monetary value.
  • 2 uncountable (worth) nutritional/educational value
    valor nutritivo/educativo
    publicity value
    valor publicitario
    I am well aware of his value to the company
    tengo plena conciencia de lo valioso que es para la compañía
    don't place too much value on what he says
    no le des mucha importancia a lo que diga
    they place a very high value on loyalty
    valoran mucho la lealtad
    the information may be of value to the police
    la información puede resultarle valiosa a la policía
  • 3
    also: values plural
    valores (masculine plural)
    a set of (moral) values
    una escala de valores
    Example sentences
    • The ultimate deterrent to all of this is a strong set of moral values, rules and standards.
    • In exit polls in about 1 in 5 voters ranked moral values as the most important issue in the election.
    • We expect our schools to set standards, impart values and encourage responsible behaviour.
  • 4 countable (Linguistics, Mathematics, Music)
    Example sentences
    • To explain how the two sides change together, Jim gave sets of specific numeric values for the lengths.
    • For numerical simulations, appropriate values of the various quantities must be determined.
    • One of the great goals of fundamental physics is to find the reason for the precise numerical values of the constants that appear in the equations that prescribe the laws of Nature.
    Example sentences
    • Rhythmic values are quarter, eighth and half notes, and only the major finger pattern is used in the first chorale.
    • Rapidly evolving note values will present issues with keeping a steady tempo.
    • Her coloratura in the Jewel Song was hit or miss - the note values often approximated.
    Example sentences
    • In either case, the reference to neat depends on its use earlier and on its value as a word.
    • Do the words have a unitary value which is extended in different ways in different contexts?
    • For Saussure the value of words is not intrinsic, nor a function of signification, but is a property of the system.

transitive verb

  • 1 (Finance)
    avaluar (Latin America)
    to value something at something
    tasar ( or valorar etc. ) algo en algo
    Example sentences
    • Stakes in quoted banks, hedge funds and the like are valued at the prevailing share price at the end of June.
    • That caused its shares to fall by a third, having been valued at 155p the day before the warning.
    • The move is seen as a precursor to a flotation of the firm, which is valued at about £10m.
  • 2 (regard highly)
    if you value your life
    si en algo aprecias tu vida
    Example sentences
    • Boys value their friends' opinions so it would do you lots of good to get along with them.
    • It certainly makes you value life and how important things are.
    • It is really important that we value diversity in our community.
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