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Pronunciation: /veɪn/


  • 1 [Anatomy/Anatomía] [Botany/Botánica] [Zoology/Zoología] vena (feminine)
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    • This puts the full weight of your uterus on your back and on the major vein that carries blood between your lower body and heart.
    • The veins around the anus drain into larger veins that carry the blood through the liver and up to the heart.
    • Such a clot will move to the heart along the main vein of the body, the inferior vena cava.
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    • In the preparation, how hard was it to figure out which blood vessels, which veins, belong to which of the twins?
    • The General's veins started to pulse faster, and more violently.
    • The tumor that you see here is my own blood vessels, my own veins, all swollen and tangled, engorged, and mixed together that bulge out like this.
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    • Expression was also detected in vascular tissues, leaf veins, siliques, and in pollen sacs.
    • Nutrients are transported from the roots to the leaves inside the veins in the xylem.
    • Most plants have leaves with veins that fork outward from a central midrib.
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    • The periodical cicada has protruding red eyes and orange legs; adults have clear wings with orange veins.
    • At an age of about 10 weeks we took a blood sample of 10 l from the brachial vein in the wing.
    • The fore and hind wings were similar, with the R vein was bent back at the base in the fore-wings, less so in the hind wings.
  • 2 2.1 (of ore, mineral) veta (f), filón (m), vena (f) a vein of irony/lyricism una veta irónica/de lirismo 2.2 (in marble, cheese) veta (feminine) the veins in the marble las vetas or el veteado del mármol
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    • Blue cheese is a white cheese with blue veins and a sometimes crumbly interior.
    • The floor was a stunning green marble with veins of vivid gold, dotted with massive pillars of white marble that supported a soaring dome ceiling.
    • Irregular veins of white streaked across the forms, adding an almost eerie flare to the smooth stone.
  • 3 (no plural/sin plural) (mood, style) vena (feminine) in a poetic vein en vena poética in a lighter vein, did you know … ? pasando a algo menos serio ¿sabías que … ?
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    • Unfortunately I didn't watch it, so that's a rich vein of source material for this blog down the drain.
    • Well, I think he tapped into a vein of discontent among the American people.
    • It's been argued by aficionados that within Leonard Cohen's melancholic work is a thick vein of comedy.
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    • In a similar vein, transparent quality testing and other compare-with-reality tests can help keep opinions grounded.
    • In a similar vein one can't help thinking most people would be better off forgetting about lifestyles and getting a life.
    • The ads display black and white photos of the party's Legco candidates taken from a video portraying its members in a similar vein to the fictional presidential cabinet in the TV series.

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