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Pronunciation: /vent/


  • 2
    (air vent)
    (shaft) respiradero (masculine); (grille) rejilla (feminine) de ventilación
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    • A metallic maze of chimneys, pipes and vents glitters on the horizon in the desert outside Khartoum, dominating the landscape for miles around.
    • Have chimneys and vents inspected when installing or changing vented heating appliances.
    • It had several openings for doors and windows, plus a chimney vent on each end.
  • 3 [Cars/Automovilismo] entrada (feminine) de aire; (in barrel) válvula (feminine) de entrada de aire
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    • Security of air intake vents is important, especially for high-rises and large sports facilities.
    • They suffocated after an air vent was closed.
    • According to the mechanical code, dryer vent ducts must be made of metal.
  • 4 (in volcano) chimenea (feminine); (in earth's crust) fumarola (feminine) to give vent to sth dar* rienda suelta a algo he gave vent to his fury by smashing the bottle dio rienda suelta a su ira or se desahogó rompiendo la botella
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    • Columnar joints are best developed in sills and dykes, volcanic vents, and former lava lakes.
    • Sliding and colliding, separating and fragmenting, great trenches are forming, and volcanoes and vents are being created.
    • These new vents remained phreatomagmatic until 25 July, when the activity changed for 5 days to Strombolian and effusive.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • [feelings/rage/frustration] dar* rienda suelta a, dar* salida a don't vent your anger on the children no te desahogues con los niños

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