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American English: /ˈvɛn(t)ʃər/
British English: /ˈvɛntʃə/

Translation of venture in Spanish:


  • 1 (Business) a risky venture
    una empresa arriesgada
    the company has launched ventures in Europe
    la compañía ha emprendido operaciones en Europa
    a new business venture
    una nueva empresa
    he was involved in a number of dubious ventures
    andaba metido en algunos asuntos dudosos
    a joint venture between the two companies
    una empresa conjunta or una colaboración entre las dos compañías
    see alsojoint venture
    Example sentences
    • Wait for clarity and totality before starting a new business venture.
    • He's starting a new business venture here.
    • The goals of Bard's collaborative ventures were established jointly with our partners abroad.
  • 2venture into something
    incursión (feminine) en algo
    the author's first venture into children's literature
    la primera incursión del autor en la literatura infantil
    Example sentences
    • ‘This was always a risky venture but it has been done in style thanks to the dedication and commitment of all involved,’ he said.
    • I still think I'm right, but it's probably too risky a venture.
    • Allowing bloggers be the reviewers is potentially a risky venture, depending on how powerful you think blogs really are.

intransitive verb

  • atreverse
    to venture into/out of/across something
    atreverse or aventurarse a entrar en/salir de/cruzar algo
    having ventured so far, she decided to go on
    ya que se había atrevido or aventurado a llegar hasta allí, decidió continuar
    the boat had ventured too near the rocks
    el barco se había acercado demasiado a las rocas
    they rarely venture out after dark
    rara vez salen después del anochecer
    have you ventured outside today?
    ¿has puesto el pie en la calle hoy?
    Example sentences
    • He of course, ventured out there everyday, occasionally dragging Amina along.
    • I really knew I'd made progress when I ventured out the gate and down the trail aboard Topper.
    • I ventured out to the grocery store and it was nearly deserted.

transitive verb

  • 1
    if I may venture to suggest [formal]
    si se me permite aventurar una sugerencia
    I would venture that you misled us
    me atrevería a decir que nos engañaste
    to venture to + infinitive
    atreverse a + infinitive
    osar + infinitive [literary]
    no one ventured to contradict her
    nadie se atrevió a contradecirla
    nadie osó contradecirla [literary]
    Example sentences
    • Apparently not, or so I was told by my wife before I had even ventured to express an opinion or a comment on the subject.
    • Dare I venture to ‘guesstimate’ a not inconsiderable number!
    • Ever noticed how a woman is ignored if she dares to venture an opinion on the weekend's football game?
  • 2 [formal]
    nothing ventured, nothing gained
    quien nada arriesga, nada gana
    Example sentences
    • The general point that emerges from these thought experiments is that much may be ventured, at great risk, for very small gains.
    • No one would venture such capital without some chance of generating a return on investment.
    • If a man is venturing his own money, this is the only risk which is relevant.

Phrasal verbs

venture forth

verb + adverb
arriesgarse or aventurarse a salir

venture on

(verb + preposition + object)
lanzarse a
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