Translation of vibrant in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈvaɪbrənt/


  • 1.1 (lively, exuberant) [color] vibrante; [emotion] a flor de piel, vehemente; [atmosphere] efervescente her vibrant good health su radiante salud vibrant reds and blues rojos y azules vibrantes
    More example sentences
    • New York City throbbed with a vibrant energy, just as it always did.
    • The vibrant, cosmopolitan city and surrounding area of San Francisco leaves visitors spoilt for choice.
    • It was magical, everything was so vibrant and colorful, full of life and energy.
    More example sentences
    • The painting of the Church was completed on Monday last, it certainly looks very striking with its new vibrant colours.
    • Bright and vibrant colours, made popular in children's bedrooms, are seeping into the rest of the house.
    • The sun crawls above the curvature of the land bringing bright and vibrant colours, seen like they were intended to be.
    More example sentences
    • His concerts remained vibrant, pulsating showstoppers, rock as it was meant to be.
    • Her green eyes were tired, no longer vibrant with life and passion.
    • With the performance of the worship, its spiritual potency is activated and it becomes vibrant with divine energy.
    1.2 (resonant) [voice] vibrante, sonoro; [tone] vibrante
    More example sentences
    • Basically, they had laid down their stage act on tape, so no wonder the sound is so vibrant and alive.
    • Sound is also vibrant and active, making use of multiple channels for character voices and some ambient noise.
    • It is a surprisingly strong mix, sounding rich and vibrant throughout.

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