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Pronunciation: /vjuː/

Translation of view in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable/no numerable 1.1 (sight) vista (feminine) as we turned right, the hotel came into view al torcer a la derecha pudimos ver el hotel or el hotel apareció ante nuestra vista to disappear from view perderse* de vista, desaparecer* we soon came in view of the bay pronto pudimos ver la bahía to be hidden from view estar* oculto in full view of sb/sth a la vista de algn/algo he undressed in full view of everyone se desvistió delante de todos or a la vista de todos
    Example sentences
    • The type of tree will be chosen so as not to obstruct one's view or cause overcrowding.
    • The water slides show no signs of abating and regularly obstruct one's view of the sun.
    • The other woman sighed; Vicky's view of her was obstructed by a circle of three guards that surrounded her.
    1.2 (range of vision) we had a good view of the stage veíamos muy bien el escenario he stood up to get a better view se puso de pie para ver mejor you're blocking my view me estás tapando, no me dejas ver
  • 2 countable/numerable 2.1 (scene, vista) vista (feminine) an apartment with an ocean view un apartamento con vista al mar a view over the lake una vista panorámica del lago 2.2 (picture, photo) vista (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • The view is supposed to depict the landscape as seen through the asylum windows.
    • Some, the view of Warsaw to the Ordynacki Palace and that towards the Royal Palace, merit the attentions of a restorer.
    • Van Dyck, Canaletto's views of Venice, da Vinci sketches, Holbeins, Rubens and Rembrandts.
    Example sentences
    • Depending on design, they can mask undesirable sights or highlight attractive views.
    • The lodge comprises two reception rooms and five bedrooms and with its southerly aspect, enjoys fine views down the River Naver.
    • It sleeps four comfortably and every room has panoramic views of stunning sea and mountain vistas.
  • 3 countable/numerable 3.1 (opinion, attitude) opinión (feminine), parecer (masculine) what's your view? ¿cuál es tu opinión or parecer?, ¿tú qué opinas? he likes to air his views le gusta dar a conocer su opinión in my view, it's too expensive en mi opinión or a mi modo de ver es demasiado caro you have a peculiar view of things tienes una visión extraña de las cosas view on/about sth opinión de/sobre algo to hold views on/about sth tener* ideas or opiniones sobre algo she takes the view that … ella opina que … to take a dim o poor view of sth [colloquial/familiar] she took a dim view of his arriving so late no le pareció nada bien que llegara tan tarde they take a dim view of their daughter going out with him ven con malos ojos que su hija salga con él to take the long/short view adoptar una perspectiva amplia/limitada she takes a longer view adopta una perspectiva más amplia 3.2 (survey, examination) visión (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • I considered writing about it, throwing in my own heavily opinionated political and religious views, but I won't.
    • She is strong in her political views and religious beliefs.
    • We have our own opinions and views on political developments.
  • 4 (plan, intention) with a view to -ing, with the view of -ing con la idea de + infinitive/infinitivo, con vistas a + infinitive/infinitivo with a view to buying a house con la idea de comprar una casa, con vistas a comprar una casa
  • 5 (in phrases/en locuciones) in view what exactly do you have in view? concretamente ¿qué es lo que te propones or lo que pretendes? there's no end in view no se vislumbra el final let's have a look at what's in view for the week ahead veamos qué tenemos en perspectiva para la semana que viene this car is designed with safety in view este coche ha sido diseñado pensando en la seguridad always keep your ultimate goal in view nunca pierdas de vista el objetivo que persigues with this in view con este fin in view of en vista de in view of what's happened en vista de lo que ha sucedido in view of the fact that … en vista de que …, dado que … [formal] on view the exhibition is on view until the end of the month la exposición puede visitarse hasta fin de mes the winning entries will go on view to the public on Saturday las obras premiadas podrán verse or se expondrán al público a partir del sábado

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (look at) [sights] ver*, mirar we viewed the scene with amusement/detachment mirábamos la escena divertidos/con indiferencia viewed from the side, he resembles his brother (visto) de perfil, se parece a su hermano 1.2 [Television/Televisión] ver*
  • 3 (regard) ver*, considerar she viewed the job as a challenge veía or consideraba el trabajo como un reto the proposal/her presence is viewed with suspicion by the staff el personal ve la propuesta/su presencia con recelo we viewed the matter with concern el asunto nos preocupaba

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • [Television/Televisión] ver* la televisión the viewing public los televidentes

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