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American English: /voʊt/
British English: /vəʊt/

Translation of vote in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable (ballot cast) to cast one's vote [formal]
    emitir su ( or mi etc. ) voto [formal]
    we won by two votes
    ganamos por dos votos
    I gave my vote to the Green Party
    (le) di mi voto al Partido Verde
    voté por el or voté al Partido Verde
    there were many spoiled votes
    hubo muchos votos anulados or invalidados
    one man, one vote
    un hombre, un voto
    sufragio (masculine) universal
    Example sentences
    • That result puts Labour back in office with the lowest share of the vote in British electoral history.
    • As a result our share of the vote dropped and we lost one of our six Westminster seats.
    • The decision will be put by referendum to the vote of electors in the different regions.
    1.2 uncountable (right to vote) the vote
    el sufragio
    el derecho de or al voto
    to give somebody/gain the vote
    conceder a alguien/conseguir el sufragio or el derecho de or al voto
    Example sentences
    • A bill to give women the vote in local elections was introduced into the French parliament in 1906, but was promptly defeated.
    • In 1906, Finland became the first nation to give women the vote in national elections.
    • One of the guests seemed to say that if women hadn't had the vote every election since World War II would have been won by the Labour Party.
  • 2 2.1 countable (act) to call for a vote
    pedir una votación
    to put something to the vote, to take a vote on something
    someter algo a votación
    Example sentences
    • The House held four plenary sessions debating the issue before it put it to a vote on Monday.
    • When an offer was made, even though the union considered it to be an insult, the union did not put it to a vote.
    • I was going to post something, but couldn't decide between a possible four posts so I thought I'd put it to a vote.
    2.2 uncountable and countable (collective decision) the vote was 12 to 4 in favor
    el resultado de la votación fue de 12 votos a favor y 4 en contra
    to pass a vote of confidence/no confidence
    aprobar un voto de confianza/de censura
    she proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman
    pidió que constara el agradecimiento de todos al presidente
    Example sentences
    • Voters will have two votes on their ballot paper - one to vote for or against a regional assembly and the other to decide on the restructuring of local government.
    • His party candidate polled over 400 votes in the last election, which is higher than the current victory margin.
    • At the recent elections seven candidates polled around 5,200 votes and came second in two seats.
  • 3 uncountable 3.1 (total votes cast) the Republican share of the vote
    el porcentaje de votos republicanos
    3.2 (votes of a group) the women's vote
    el voto de las mujeres

intransitive verb

  • which way will you be voting?
    ¿cómo va a votar?
    ¿por or a quién piensa votar?
    to vote for somebody
    votar por or a alguien
    to vote on something
    someter algo a votación
    to vote for/against something
    votar a favor de/en contra de algo
    we voted against a strike
    votamos en contra de la huelga

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (support, choose)
    votar por
    vote Stevenson!
    ¡vote por or a Stevenson!
    I've voted Republican all my life
    toda la vida he votado por or a los republicanos
    Example sentences
    • A direct initiative is where registered voters vote on the proposal put forward.
    • This was despite a record of 13 million new voters registering to vote in 1992.
    • As far as I was concerned I would be registered to vote at the next election.
    1.2 (elect)
    elegir por votación
    we voted her treasurer
    la elegimos tesorera por votación
    she was voted onto the board
    fue elegida por votación para integrar la junta
    to vote somebody into office
    votar por or a alguien para un cargo
    to vote somebody out of office
    votar para reemplazar a alguien en su cargo
    1.3 (declare, judge) the program was voted a complete failure
    el programa fue considerado un fracaso rotundo
  • 2 2.1 (approve) they voted themselves a pay increase
    se aprobaron un aumento de sueldo
    Example sentences
    • In 1856 the South Australian government had voted a sum of money to help in the search for gold.
    • Therefore it would be unseemly for Parliament to vote money for a member of the royal family.
    2.2 (decide)to vote to + infinitive
    votar por + infinitive
    members voted to raise subscriptions
    los socios votaron por aumentar la cuota
    2.3 (propose) [colloquial]to vote (that)
    votar por que + subjunctive [colloquial]
    I vote (that) we go by taxi
    yo voto por que vayamos en taxi

Phrasal verbs

vote down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
rechazar (por votación)

vote in

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
elegir (por votación)

vote out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
no reelegir

vote through

verb + object + adverb
aprobar (por votación)
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