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Pronunciation: /wɔːnt; wɒnt/

Translation of want in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (require, desire) querer* what do you want? ¿qué quieres? what do you want this for? ¿para qué quieres esto? is there anything you want? ¿se le ofrece algo? [formal], ¿deseaba algo? [formal] (it's) just what I('ve) always wanted! ¡(es) justo lo que quería! I want my daddy! ¡quiero que venga mi papá! the boss wants you el jefe te quiere ver or quiere hablar contigo he's wanted on the phone hay una llamada para él, lo llaman por teléfono I know when I'm not wanted! sé muy bien cuando estoy de más I want it done today quiero que se haga hoy she wants it ready today quiere que esté listo hoy does he want the book back? ¿quiere que le devuelvan ( or le devolvamos etc) el libro? I wouldn't want him for a father-in-law no quisiera tenerlo de or como suegro what do you want as a birthday present? ¿qué quieres de regalo de cumpleaños? everything you could want from a car todo lo que se le puede pedir a un coche what does he want with an electric guitar? ¿qué va a hacer con una guitarra eléctrica?, ¿para qué quiere una guitarra eléctrica? to want to + infinitive/infinitivo querer* + infinitive/infinitivo they only want to help solo quieren ayudar she can be charming when she wants to (be) es un encanto cuando quiere or cuando se lo propone the car doesn't want to start el coche no quiere arrancar to want sb/sth to + infinitive/infinitivo querer* que algn/algo + subjunctive/subjuntivo what do you want me to do/say? ¿qué quieres que haga/diga? we want the party to be a success queremos que la fiesta sea un éxito to want sb/sth -ing querer* que algn/algo + subjunctive/subjuntivo he doesn't want them snooping around no quiere que anden husmeando por allí
    Example sentences
    • Rosa said that although she does not want to drop the charges, she cannot handle the pressures of the situation anymore and wants out of the Army.
    • Like Dillon, he wants out of his current situation.
    • Never thrusting himself upon the crowd, but quietly allowing people to find him, he had a confidence in his own ability to judge who and what he wants out of every situation.
    Example sentences
    • The whole lot wants digging up and replacing with a small roundabout like it should have been since day one.
    1.2 [police] buscar* wanted se busca he is wanted for murder lo buscan por asesinato she is wanted for questioning la buscan para interrogarla
    Example sentences
    • He was named as wanted by Bedfordshire Police in 1998 in connection with the murder of Mr Farrow.
    • There are around 700 bail dodgers in Bolton who are wanted by police on outstanding warrants.
    • She is known to have had a relationship with a homeless man who was wanted by police in connection with a stolen credit card.
    1.3 (as price for sth) pedir* how much does she want for the picture? ¿cuánto pide por el cuadro?
    Example sentences
    • So when it came to choosing her object of desire, she wanted an attractive object with a practical side.
    • He takes a risk because he thinks he can get away with it because the facts may well turn out to support his editor's desire and he wants a quiet life and to be obliging.
    • Feel the heat of desire, forget wanting a new car.
    1.4 [person] (sexually) desear
    Example sentences
    • I've always tried to please him with the clothes I buy but him not wanting me sexually I find very hurtful.
    • So Kathy is reduced to tears of frustration as she waits to see whether Anna wants her as a sexual partner.
  • 2 (need) necesitar the garage wants a coat of paint al garaje le hace falta or el garaje necesita una mano de pintura that child wants a good thrashing a ese niño le hace falta una buena paliza you'll want your umbrella vas a necesitar or te va a hacer falta el paraguas gardener wanted se necesita or se precisa jardinero we all like to feel wanted a todos nos gusta sentir que nos necesitan you want a number 65 bus tiene que tomar el 65 you want the second door on the right es la segunda puerta a la derecha the last thing I want is a cold maldita la falta que me hace resfriarme ahora there's Meg — that's all I wanted! ahí viene Meg — ¡lo (único or último) que me faltaba! you want to see a doctor/to stop smoking tienes que ver a un médico/dejar de fumar you want to be more careful! ¡a ver si tienes más cuidado! you want to see the mess he's made! ¡tendrías que ver el desastre que ha hecho!to want -ing the house wants cleaning hay que limpiar la casa tell me what wants doing dime qué hay que hacer the referee wants his eyes testing (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] el árbitro va a tener que ir al oculista
  • 3 (lack) [formal] carecer* de [formal]

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • [formal] they will never want again no volverán a carecer de nada [formal], no volverá a faltarles nada the Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want el Señor es mi pastor, nada me puede faltar


  • 1 c and u (requirement, need) necesidad (feminine) their wants are few necesitan poco, sus necesidades son pocas to be in want of sth tener* necesidad de algo
  • 2 uncountable/no numerable (lack, absence) falta (feminine), carencia (feminine) [formal] to feel the want of sth/sb sentir* la falta de algo/algn for want of sth a falta de algo for want of anything better to do a falta de algo mejor que hacer for want of a better word a falta de una palabra más apropiada, por así decirlo if she doesn't become champion, it won't be for want of trying si no llega a ser campeona, no será porque no lo haya intentado

Phrasal verbs

want for

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
(lack) [formal] (usually with negative/generalmente con negativo) you/they will want for nothing no te/les faltará nada

want in

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio [colloquial/familiar]
1.1 (wish to join)to want in (on sth) my firm won't want in on those terms con esas condiciones, mi empresa no va a estar interesada there's a poker game tonight: do you want in? esta noche hay una partida de póquer ¿te apuntas? [colloquial/familiar] 1.2 (wish to enter) querer* entrar

want out

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio [colloquial/familiar]
1.1 (wish to quit)to want out (of sth) I'm not surprised the shareholders want out no me sorprende que los accionistas quieran deshacerse de las acciones I want out of this relationship quiero terminar con esta relación several countries want out of the alliance varios países quieren salir de la alianza 1.2 (wish to go out) querer* salir

Definition of want in:

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