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American English: /wɔrn/
British English: /wɔːn/

Translation of warn in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (admonish) I'm warning you!
    ¡te lo advierto!
    you have been warned!
    ¡(recuerda que) te lo he advertido!, ¡quedas or estás avisado or advertido!
    be warned!
    he's been warned about his bad language before
    ya se le ha llamado la atención por su vocabulario
    to warn somebody not to + infinitivewe had been warned not to go
    nos habían advertido que no fuéramos
    I warn you not to try my patience too far
    te lo advierto: no me hagas perder la paciencia
    Example sentences
    • Police are warning drivers to remain cautious today after a winter storm dumped as much as 14 inches of snow on parts of eastern Virginia.
    • Whatever the reason, Shuggy's behaviour eventually prompted a police caution, warning him that if he didn't calm down then he would be in serious trouble.
    • Police are warning the public to be cautious when opening their door to strangers.
  • 2 (inform, advise) I did warn you (that) I might be late
    te avisé or te advertí que quizás llegaría tarde
    we'd been warned to expect trouble
    ya nos habían avisado or advertido que habría problemas
    he warned me about the danger
    me advirtió del peligro
    they were warned about the rats
    les advirtieron que había ratas
    to warn somebody against something/somebody
    prevenir a alguien contra algo/alguien
    I was warned against them
    me previnieron contra ellos
    we were warned against swimming in the river
    nos aconsejaron que no nadáramos en el río
    nos advirtieron que era peligroso nadar en el río
    Example sentences
    • The report also warned of the dangers of failing to improve the lot of ordinary Iraqis.
    • It was a habit left over from the old days when the king and his ministers were thus warned of danger.
    • Because of the possible dangers we are warning customers not to use them.

Phrasal verbs

warn off

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (frighten away) I began making inquiries, but I was warned off in no uncertain terms
empecé a hacer averiguaciones, pero me advirtieron claramente que no continuara
2verb + object + preposition + objecthe warned us off his land
nos advirtió que nos fuéramos de su propiedad
I tried to warn him off drugs
traté de prevenirlo sobre las consecuencias del uso de las drogas
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