There are 3 translations of waste in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /weɪst/


  • 1 u (of fuel, materials) desperdicio (m), derroche (m) a waste of time una pérdida de tiempo it's a waste of money es tirar el dinero don't you think it's a waste of space? ¿no te parece que estás desperdiciando or desaprovechando espacio? a waste of effort un esfuerzo inútil it's a waste of breath trying to make him see reason tratar de que entre en razón es gastar saliva inútilmente the waste of food here is dreadful es espantoso cómo tiran aquí la comida there is no waste in this ham este jamón no tiene desperdicio we can save money by avoiding waste podemos economizar evitando los despilfarros she's working as a waitress: it's such a waste! trabaja de camarera: ¡qué desperdicio! to go to waste [talent] desperdiciarse [food] echarse a perder he let his talent go to waste desperdició su talento
    More example sentences
    • Elections even at a state level cost money and both parties wish to avoid an unnecessary waste of money by contesting in an election that they will lose.
    • It was an inappropriate appointment, in that it was clearly a dismal waste of his extravagant talents.
    • We went for a weekend, which on the face of it sounds like an extravagant waste of time, but was actually painlessly good fun.
  • 2 u 2.1 (refuse) residuos (mpl), desechos (mpl) nuclear waste residuos or desechos nucleares or radioactivos human waste excrementos (mpl) 2.2 (surplus matter) material (m) sobrante or de desecho
    More example sentences
    • A nearly inert material, concrete is suitable as a medium for recycling waste or industrial by-products.
    • Many are turned into cesspools and dumping sites for solid waste, including hazardous materials.
    • Americans are right to refuse truckloads of garbage that contain biomedical waste and radioactive material.
  • 3
    (wastes (pl))
    the deserted wastes of Antarctica las desiertas inmensidades or extensiones de la Antártica

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There are 3 translations of waste in Spanish:



  • 1 (misuse, squander) [talents/efforts] desperdiciar, malgastar; [money/electricity] despilfarrar, derrochar; [food] tirar, desperdiciar; [time] perder*; [space] desaprovechar, desperdiciar; [opportunity/chance] desperdiciar he has wasted his life ha desperdiciado su vida we wasted a lot of time arguing perdimos mucho tiempo discutiendo you're wasting my time me estás haciendo perder el tiempo he didn't waste any time (in) cashing the check se fue a cobrar el cheque sin perder (ni) un minuto you're wasting your breath! estás gastando saliva inútilmente your work won't be wasted tu trabajo no ha sido en vanoto waste sth on sb/sth/-ing he's wasted a fortune on cars/(on) eating out ha derrochado una fortuna en coches/comiendo en restaurantes don't waste your time on them no pierdas el tiempo con ellos the irony was wasted on her no captó la ironía
  • 3
    (wasted past p)
    3.1 (misused, futile) [time/money] perdido; [opportunity/space] desperdiciado, desaprovechado; [effort] inútil it was a wasted journey fue un viaje en balde 3.2 (shrunken) [body] debilitado, consumido; [limb] atrofiado 3.3 (drunk) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar], borracho to get wasted emborracharse
    More example sentences
    • In the latter case the holding of the meeting would have served no useful purpose and would merely waste the available assets of the bankrupt's estate.
    • Electricity from excess illumination wastes an enormous amount of energy needlessly.
    • Here he argued that Russians themselves did not want to make peace with Napoleon, and consequently Britain had no purpose in wasting its gold to invoke mutual hatred.
    More example sentences
    • Even when manners are wasted on the recipient, it is important to present the example of civilized behavior.
    • She spares her children - an act of generosity that is wasted on them.
    • I'm not a bad loser, it's more that I think the sensation of losing is wasted on me, whereas it's quite good for their development for them to feel it.
    More example sentences
    • There was no way I could stand another year in Andrews in my pathetic job which wasted my talents.
    • He really is one of those guys who is wasted at his current job.
    • He is likewise wasted as a curly-haired dad whose sole job seems to be hugging his daughter.
  • 4 (lay waste) arrasar
    More example sentences
    • They proceed to unleash the monsters across the globe, who do what comes naturally, and start wasting cities.


  • 1.1 (squander) waste not, want not quien no malgasta no pasa necesidades 1.2waste away

Phrasal verbs

waste away

v + adv
[person/body] consumirse; [muscle] atrofiarse

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There are 3 translations of waste in Spanish:



  • 1 [ground] (barren) yermo; (not cultivated) baldío, sin cultivar to lay waste arrasar the town was laid waste by the rebels los rebeldes arrasaron la ciudad
    More example sentences
    • Adding a 15m telephone mast and all its associated equipment would further make this waste area even more of an eyesore.
    • Eighteen months ago, two factories on North Road were closed down and demolished, leaving a waste area which has become a dump.
    • She knew he smoked in the waste area where the youths hung out and when he came home his clothes reeked of the weed.
  • 2 2.1 (discarded) [gas] residual; [material] de desecho waste matter materia (f) de desecho waste products (industrial) productos (mpl) de desecho [Physiol] excrementos (mpl) waste water aguas (fpl) residuales, aguas (fpl) negras (AmL exc CS) , aguas (fpl) servidas (CS) 2.2 (leftover, excess) [paper/rubber] sobrante waste heat generated during the chemical reaction el calor disipado durante la reacción química
    More example sentences
    • They were taught how to make useful products out of waste paper, at a training programme held recently.
    • The lungs also contribute to this process by eliminating carbon dioxide which is the waste byproduct of glucose and lactic acid metabolism.
    • They can be made with simple materials such as waste paper.

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