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American English: /ˈwɔdər/
, /ˈwɑdər/
British English: /ˈwɔːtə/

Translation of water in Spanish:


  • 1 drinking/running water
    agua potable/corriente
    turn the water on
    (at main) abre la llave de paso del agua
    da el agua
    (from faucet) abre la llave or (Spain) el grifo or (Río de la Plata) la canilla or (Peru) el caño
    the water has risen/gone down
    las aguas han subido/bajado
    hard/soft water
    agua dura/blanda
    to be/lie under water
    estar/quedar inundado
    the kitchen was 2 ft under water
    la cocina tenía 2 pies de agua
    high/low water
    marea (feminine) alta/baja
    they headed for the open water
    pusieron rumbo al mar abierto
    still/rough water
    aguas tranquilas/agitadas
    he's gone through a patch of rough water
    ha pasado por un período bastante tormentoso
    to go across or over the water
    cruzar a la otra orilla
    cruzar el charco [colloquial]
    from across the water
    de la otra orilla
    del otro lado del charco [colloquial]
    to make water (ship) by water
    por barco
    to spend money like water
    gastar dinero como si fuera agua
    gastar a manos llenas
    Rutland Water
    el lago Rutland
    like water off a duck's back I keep telling her to study but it's water off a duck's back
    estoy constantemente diciéndole que estudie pero le resbala or pero es como quien oye llover
    of the first water
    (person) de primer orden
    (lit: diamond) de primera calidad
    to be in deep water(s)
    estar con el agua al or hasta el cuello
    to be in/get into hot water
    estar/meterse en una buena [colloquial]
    to get into deep water(s) to hold water
    tenerse en pie
    that theory just doesn't hold water
    esa teoría hace agua por todos lados
    to pour or throw cold water over something
    ponerle trabas a algo
    to test the water water under the bridgethat's all water under the bridge
    eso ya es agua pasada
    a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since we last met
    ha corrido mucha agua bajo el puente or ha llovido mucho desde la última vez que nos vimos
    (before noun) (temperature/meter)
    del agua
    Example sentences
    • They are dissolved in warm water and the liquid is taken as a drink between meals.
    • Brine is a solution of sodium chloride and water that may or may not contain other salts.
    • Its normally the ions that react with other chemicals when dissolved in water.
  • 2 2.1 (urine) [formal] [euphemistic]to pass or make water
    hacer aguas (menores) [euphemistic]
    hacer de las aguas (Mexico) [euphemistic]
    2.2 (Medicine)water on the brain water on the knee
    Example sentences
    • Swimming may be a symbol of birth, expressing a wish to return to the peace and safety of the waters of the womb.
    • The epidural did not work and fell out and my waters were broken without my consent.
  • 3
    also: waters plural
    3.1 (of sea, river)
    aguas (feminine plural)
    the waters of the Mediterranean
    las aguas del Mediterráneo
    to fish in muddy or troubled waters to muddy the waters
    enmarañar or enredar las cosas
    still waters run deep
    del agua mansa líbreme Dios, que de la brava me libro yo
    Example sentences
    • The waters of Dongting Lake and the Xiangjiang River, which flows through the provincial capital of Changsha, are near all-time highs.
    • He floated on the surface of the lake; its waters were far denser than normal water.
    • In the opera's famous opening scene, deep in the waters of the Rhine river, Wagner unfolds an immense, rolling E-flat major chord.
    3.2 (at spa) to take the waters 3.3 (amniotic fluid)
    aguas (feminine plural)
    the/her waters broke

intransitive verb

  • her eyes began to water
    empezaron a llorarle los ojos or a saltársele las lágrimas
    chopping onions makes my eyes water
    picar cebolla me hace llorar
    his mouth watered
    se le hizo agua la boca or (Spain) la boca agua
    the smell made my mouth water
    se me hizo agua la boca or (Spain) se me hizo la boca agua con el olor

transitive verb

  • 1 (sprinkle)
    Example sentences
    • I arrived back to my house and saw my grandpa was watering the flowers outside.
    • It was also used for watering the flowers in the churchyard, and for drinking water.
    • Alison was watering the potted herbs that grew behind the house.
  • 2 (irrigate)
    Example sentences
    • For centuries people believed the Garden of Eden was a sunny parkland watered by rivers meandering gently beneath a blue sky.
    • The telltale marks recall a lost world from 175 million years ago when neither cliffs nor sea were there and the area was a near-tropical coastal plain watered by rivers from the Pennines.
    • Ladakh is watered by the River Indus on its way down to the Punjab, and many a grain of sand in the Indian Ocean may well have once formed part of a stone in the land behind the Himalayas.
  • 3 (give to drink)
    dar de beber a
    Example sentences
    • She rode onward, stopping only to water her horse or to walk him every now and than.
    • But up to 1962, they were grazing and watering cattle there, pending their slaughter.
    • I fed the chickens, and watered the goats; I even found time to fluff the cats.
  • 4 (add water to)
    ponerle or echarle agua a
    Example sentences
    • As a malt lover, I am in the camp that says watering down the whisky is precisely what you want to do, since this reveals its subtle intricacies.
    • It's like drinking club soda that has been watered down and mixed with flat light beer.
    • And watering down the whiskey isn't the best way to keep your customers loyal.

Phrasal verbs

water down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (dilute)
2 (weaken)
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