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American English: /weɪt/
British English: /weɪt/

Translation of weight in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable and countable (mass, heaviness) it's sold by weight
    se vende al peso or por peso
    just feel the weight of it
    tómale el peso
    the bag is 5kg in weight
    la bolsa pesa 5kg
    what weight are you? what's its weight in pounds?
    ¿cuánto pesa en libras?
    it's quite a weight
    es bastante pesado
    what a weight!
    ¡qué pesado!
    cloth of winter/summer weight
    tela (feminine) de invierno/verano
    to gain or put on weight
    subir de peso
    to lose weight
    perder peso
    she put all her weight on the lever
    empujó la palanca con todas sus fuerzas
    don't put any weight on that table
    no pongas nada de peso sobre esa mesa
    to take the weight of something
    soportar or aguantar el peso de algo
    the chair won't take your weight
    la silla no te va a aguantar or no va a aguantar tu peso
    sit down, take the weight off your feet
    siéntate y descansa un poco
    that has taken a weight off my mind
    eso me ha sacado un peso de encima
    to be worth one's weight in gold to pull one's weighteveryone will have to pull their weight
    cada uno tendrá que poner de su parte para sacar el trabajo adelante
    John isn't pulling his weight
    John no trabaja como debería
    to throw one's weight around
    mandonear [colloquial]
    prepotear (Río de la Plata) [colloquial]
    to throw one's weight behind something
    apoyar algo con dedicación
    Example sentences
    • A specific body weight was not strived for.
    • I thought I'd translate my weight from stones to pounds.
    • His weight has risen massively and his body has ballooned.
    Example sentences
    • I crept around my apartment, the floor under my warm beige carpet creaking under my weight with each step that I took.
    • She stopped, noticing that the wooden planks were giving in to her weight, creaking dangerously.
    • He took a step on the platform, his weight causing a loud creak, and froze.
  • 2 uncountable (importance, value) the weight of evidence
    el peso de las pruebas
    to lend/add weight to something
    darle más peso a algo
    his views don't carry much weight with her
    ella no respeta mucho sus opiniones
    para ella sus opiniones no cuentan mucho
    to give due weight to something
    darle la debida importancia a algo
    Example sentences
    • Any extended treatment of the subject of empire that does not give full weight to the fact that human beings do not want to be ruled by foreigners is worth very little.
    • Above all, it is necessary to give full weight to the provisions of Article 5 as a whole.
    • Shakespeare's biographers now give full weight to material sidelined by earlier scholars.
  • 3 3.1 countable (unit) weights and measures
    pesos y medidas
    Example sentences
    • It is very important that farmers selling livestock and other products start to think in terms of the metric system of weights and measures such as kilos and litres.
    • Elaborated between 1790 and 1799, the decimal metric system of weights and measures was zealously promoted under Napoleon.
    • Equally of interest at the exhibition are the charts listing the different quantities and units used for weights and measures in this land.
    3.2 uncountable (system) 3.3 countable (for scales, clocks) an 8-oz weight
    una pesa de 8 onzas
    Example sentences
    • Abu Ammar pondered this a moment as he put the bags on the old brass scale and adjusted the weights.
    • There is a set of scales with weights, a rolling pin, a round spice tin, a wooden potato masher, and a butter cooler.
    • People had to carry the scales, accompanying weights, and sometimes even tools to cut the metal, just to be able to transact.
    Example sentences
    • We come across bright ideas in books, like over-length lines passed through pulleys under floats and the excess taken up by counter-balancing weights.
    • Basically it's a series of counterbalanced weights which moves the camera's centre of gravity away from the operator whilst still allowing them to perform camera moves.
    • ‘Um, he and Robbie went to the mall with Tommy,’ I replied, stacking the weights on the counter.
    3.4 countable (heavy object) (Sport) you mustn't lift heavy weights
    no debe levantar cosas pesadas
    Example sentences
    • The sections were forced to march distances of up to 8km over night to reach stand locations carrying weights in excess of 35 kg.
    • Press under kitchen weights and let sit overnight at room temperature.
    Example sentences
    • I favor lighter weights and dumbbells to develop balance, control and coordination.
    • We also worked out with weights and used treadmills and stationary bicycles.
    • It doesn't matter how many weights or fitness regimes I do.

transitive verb

  • 1 (make heavier)
    darle peso a
    (fishing net)
    Example sentences
    • Her neck is hung with crucifixes and beads, while her wrists are weighted with bands of stainless steel.
    • Billy's hammock had been weighted with shot and his body was thrown into the sea.
    • To make sure that the roots stay submerged, tie them gently with a piece of string that has been weighted with a stone.
  • 2 (in statistics) (often passive) weighted average
    media (feminine) ponderada (feminine)
    weighted index
    índice (masculine) ponderado
    Example sentences
    • These factors are statistically weighted as to importance, and relative values are assigned.
    • However, note that values should be weighted by their probabilities given the data.
    • Data were transformed into presence/absence counts for all comparisons allowing species to be equally weighted.
  • 3 (bias) to be weighted against/in favor of somebody
    perjudicar/favorecer a alguien

Phrasal verbs

weight down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
sujetar con algo pesado
2 (body) (to make it sink)
ponerle un lastre a
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