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well 1

American English: /wɛl/
British English: /wɛl/

adverb comparative better superlative best

  • 1 (to high standard, satisfactorily)
    I can't swim as well as he can
    no sé nadar tan bien como él
    he's managing as well as can be expected
    se las arregla bien dentro de lo que cabe
    I explained it as well as I could
    lo expliqué lo mejor que pude
    well said!
    ¡bien dicho!
    to do wellyou did very well
    lo hiciste muy bien
    he's doing very well
    le van muy bien las cosas
    she did well in history
    le fue muy bien en historia
    I think I did quite well to get 30%
    creo que no estuve nada mal sacándome el 30%
    mother and baby are both doing well
    madre e hijo se encuentran muy bien
    he's done well for himself
    se ha sabido forjar una posición
    well done!
    ¡así se hace!
    ¡muy bien!
    to go well (performance/operation)
    salir bien
    to live well
    vivir bien
    worth 1 2
    Example sentences
    • My mash was creamy and tasty, and the leeks complemented the hotpot well.
    • The ciabatta, crisp and coated in garlic was an excellent accompaniment and mixed well with the coulee.
    • With the Community Hall progressing well, local clubs are planning for the future.
    Example sentences
    • I've always run really well in practice, and I have been fortunate to qualify well.
    • Fortunately, it's worked out well and been a financial success, but did we know that going in?
    • If Fernando has done well there is praise, if he had been booked or cost Rangers a goal there is criticism and a tantrum.
  • 2 (thoroughly)
    I can well understand your concern
    entiendo perfectamente su preocupación
    it was well worth the effort
    realmente valió la pena
    I'm only too well aware of the danger
    me doy perfecta cuenta del peligro
    tengo plena conciencia del peligro
    he knows only too well that …
    bien sabe or sabe de sobra que …
    well and truly [colloquial]our team was well and truly beaten
    nuestro equipo recibió una soberana paliza [colloquial]
    I'm well and truly fed up
    estoy requeteharto [colloquial]
    he was well and truly drunk
    estaba pero bien borracho or completamente borracho
    to be well away [colloquial]the thieves will be well away by now
    los ladrones ya deben estar lejos
    two beers and he's well away (British)
    con dos cervezas le alcanza para ponerse alegre
    Example sentences
    • Gently stir together the first six ingredients with a pinch of salt until well mixed.
    • Most cookbooks get over this difficult stage by saying mix thoroughly and knead well.
    • Stir in the rice and break up any clumps so that all the grains get coated individually and everything mixes up well.
  • 3 3.1 (considerably) (no comparative) I was home well before two
    llegué a casa bastante antes de las dos
    until well into the next century
    hasta bien entrado el siglo que viene
    Example sentences
    • From that moment on I vowed to plan my costume well in advance and put a little thought into it.
    • The key to planning a holiday for a large party is to book well in advance to ensure you all fly together and stay in the same hotel.
    • Plans to extend the fishery are well advanced and it is hoped to commence work in the next few weeks.
    3.2 (with justification) how did he pay for it? — you may well ask!
    ¿y cómo lo pagó? — ¡muy buena pregunta!
    she was horrified, as well she might be
    se horrorizó, y con razón
    she couldn't very well deny it
    ¿cómo iba a negarlo?
  • 4 4.1 (advantageously)
    to do well to + infinitive
    hacer bien en + infinitive
    deber + infinitive
    you'd do well to bear that in mind
    harías bien en or deberías tenerlo en cuenta
    she'd be well advised to see a lawyer
    sería aconsejable que consultara a un abogado
    to come off well or do well out of something
    salir bien parado de algo
    I'm well out of that job
    gracias a Dios me libré de aquel trabajo
    Example sentences
    • They were a family line who seemed to have specialised in marrying well.
    • Olga predicated that it would him and myself who would marry well into St Petersburg society.
    • She had been considered very attractive when she was younger, and had married well at the time.
    4.2 (favorably) to speak well of somebody
    hablar bien de alguien
    to think well of somebody
    tener buena opinión de alguien
  • 5 (in phrases) 5.1as well (in addition) are they coming as well?
    ¿ellos también vienen?
    and she lied to me as well!
    ¡y además me mintió!
    5.2as well as (in addition to) he designs as well as makes them
    además de hacerlos los diseña
    as well as that, there's the question of money
    aparte or además de eso está la cuestión del dinero
    at night as well as during the day
    tanto de noche como durante el día
    I can't carry his bags as well as my own
    no puedo llevar mis maletas y las suyas
    5.3may/might as wellI might as well not bother, for all the notice they take
    para el caso que me hacen, no sé por qué me molesto or no vale la pena que me moleste
    why don't we finish it while we're at it? — we may as well!
    ¿ya que estamos por qué no lo terminamos? — pues sí ¿por qué no?
    now you've told him, you may as well give it to him!
    ahora que se lo has dicho dáselo ¿total?

adjective comparative better superlative best

  • 1 (healthy) to be well
    estar bien
    you look well
    tienes buena cara or buen aspecto
    how are you? — I'm very well, thank you
    ¿cómo estás? — muy bien, gracias
    he's not a well man (British)
    no tiene muy buena salud
    get well soon!
    ¡que te mejores!
    Example sentences
    • Get well wishes were sent to Mary Foyle who is recovering after her recent illness.
    • It has also correctly labelled as disease free most, but not all, of the well people.
    • Mason Brown took remedial action, prescribed his own cure and is now completely well.
  • 2 (pleasing, satisfactory) all is not well
    algo va mal
    is all well with your family?
    ¿tu familia? ¿todos bien?
    that's all well and good, but …
    todo eso está muy bien, pero …
    it's all very well for him to talk, but …
    él podrá decir todo lo que quiera pero …
    es muy fácil hablar, pero …
    all's well that ends well
    bien está lo que bien acaba
    Example sentences
    • To this I wish Cllr Clarke well and hope she will help to carry on the Town Council's good name and work.
    • We wish St. Declan's well and hope they will retain this flag for many years to come.
    • We wish him well and let us hope his first game against the Dubs ends in success.
  • 3 3.1 (desirable, advisable) [formal] it would be well if …
    sería conveniente que …
    Example sentences
    • But would it not be well to limit grand juries to the investigation of felons, and leave misdemeanors to inferior courts?
    • Only--if we decide to buy, it would be well to be moved in and settled before winter.
    3.2as wellit would be as well to keep this quiet
    mejor no decir nada de esto
    it's just as well I've got some money with me
    menos mal que llevo dinero encima
    I didn't see her this morning — that's just as well
    esta mañana no la vi — pues menos mal or mejor para ti


  • 1 1.1 (introducing topic, sentence) well, shall we get started?
    bueno or bien ¿empezamos?
    well now or then, what's the problem?
    a ver ¿qué es lo que pasa?
    1.2 (continuing) well, as I was saying …
    bien or bueno, como iba diciendo …
    1.3 (expressing hesitation) well, I'll have to think about it
    pues no sé, tendré que pensarlo
    he's a bit, well, you know, stupid
    es un poco … bueno tú ya sabes, tonto
    do you like it? — well …
    ¿te gusta? — pues or (esp Latin America) este …
  • 2 2.1 (expressing surprise) well, well, well! look who's here!
    ¡vaya, vaya! or ¡anda! ¡mira quién está aquí!
    well, I never or (British also) never did! [dated]
    ¡qué increíble!
    well, I'll be! (US)
    ¡mira tú!
    2.2 (expressing indignation) well! if that's how you feel … ! well! he can talk!
    ¡mira quién para hablar!
    2.3 (dismissively)
    2.4 (expressing resignation) (oh) well, that's the way it goes
    bueno … ¡qué se le va a hacer!
    (oh) well, you can always try again
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There are 2 entries that translate well into Spanish:

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well 2


  • 2 2.1 (for stairs)
    caja (feminine) de la escalera
    hueco (masculine) de la escalera
    Example sentences
    • Hundreds of builders work like ants to construct walls, foundations, stairs, lift wells.
    • It is pulled inside and set in place before the front center console, lighted front door step wells and rear ‘kick guards’ are installed.
    • It took four years and over £1m to build the Midland, its six storeys arranged in a figure of eight around two wells, allowing as much natural light to the interior as possible.
    2.2 (for ventilation) (British)
    patio (masculine) (de luces or de luz)
    pozo (masculine) de aire
    2.3 (in UK lawcourt)
    (área donde se sientan los abogados)
    Example sentences
    • Other copies of which are available in the well of the court for any member of the public who wishes to read it.
    • To summarize, spoken language interpreters are stationed in the well of the courtroom only when there is a NES witness involved.
    • Also, only members of the bar are to be seated inside the rail and in the well of the Court.
  • 3 (luck) to wish somebody well
    desearle suerte a alguien

intransitive verb

Phrasal verbs

well up

verb + adverb
tears welled up in his eyes
los ojos se le llenaron de lágrimas
he could feel the hatred welling up inside him
sentía cómo lo iba invadiendo el odio
pity welled up in her heart
su corazón se llenó de piedad
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