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American English: /(h)waɪt/
British English: /wʌɪt/

Translation of white in Spanish:

adjective whiter, whitest

  • 1
    con leche
    she had a white wedding
    se casó de blanco
    Kleeno washes whiter than white
    Kleeno lava más blanco
    Example sentences
    • I smiled at my reflection and my pearly white teeth were visible and stood out from my tanned face.
    • Brighten up a plain white bathroom with these fresh colours from Dulux.
    • He was wearing a black jacket with white reflection marks, dark blue jeans and trainers.
    Example sentences
    • And what sauvignon blanc does for white wines, cabernet sauvignon can do for reds.
    • This is achieved by pressing the red grapes rapidly to produce white wine without a trace of colour.
    • It has become a bit famous in recent years for its white wines, especially chenin blanc.
    Example sentences
    • Just don't ask for a white coffee - you'll get condensed milk already in the cup, urgh.
    • We drank flat white coffees, and Ray noticed me looking at the blurry blue tattoo on his forearm.
    • She was still smiling when she carried the two white coffees up the rickety wooden stairs.
    Example sentences
    • For lunch I like corned beef, white rice and fried onions, which I've eaten for as long as I can remember.
    • Nihan pointed out a popular dish where a raw egg is mixed with hot white rice and soy sauce.
    • I snack on tons of Inarizushi - it's white rice stuffed inside sweetened tofu wrapping.
  • 2 2.1 (pale) he went white (with fear/shock/anger)
    se puso blanco or pálido (de miedo/susto/rabia)
    Example sentences
    • Cautiously, he rolled her over to find her face pale, deathly white, and covered with blood.
    • White scars stood prominently out against her tanned skin.
    • Kay's face turned pale white, so white that she looked like a ghost.
    2.2 (Caucasian) white man [dated]
    Example sentences
    • In the colonial context, the camera wielded by white Europeans was an intrusive weapon of domination.
    • Two of the survivors are white European and the rest are mainland Chinese nationals.
    • Most participants were white Europeans who were being treated by their general practitioner.


  • 1 uncountable (color) she was married in white
    se casó de blanco
    Example sentences
    • Instead they decided to defer the matter to give the park time to change the colour scheme to all white to make it look less conspicuous.
    • Shocking half-page pictures in colour and black and white underline the story throughout.
    • My husband said ‘no’ because we've got to stick to the club colours of black and white.
  • 2 countable also
    also: White
    blanco, (-ca) (masculine, feminine)
  • 3 countable 3.1 (of egg)
    Example sentences
    • Cook the eggs long enough to solidify the whites, but the yolks remain somewhat runny.
    • The whole thing is then cooked again to harden the whites around the yolk.
    • Crispy fried noodle threads and minced peppers add crunch; sieved egg yolks and whites add softness.
    3.2 (of eye)
    Example sentences
    • Viral conjunctivitis can spread to the cornea, the white of the eye.
    • The conjunctiva is a thin lining that covers the whites of the eyes and the insides of the eyelids.
    • His eyes, though still inhumanly brilliant, bore smaller irises and more pronounced whites - just like Arun's own.
  • 4
    also: whites plural
    4.1 (laundry)
    Example sentences
    • A daring university student dressed in cricket whites, pads and a helmet gave an innovative spin to the concept of pitch invasion.
    • The foundation provided him with new cricket whites, boots, gloves, pads, anew bat, a helmet, six balls and a cricket bag.
    • Americans, in fact, could have ended up staying in striped caps and cricket whites.
    4.2 (esp British English) (Sport)he was in tennis/cricket whites
    llevaba el equipo blanco de tenis/cricket
  • 5 countable or uncountable (wine)
    Example sentences
    • The main varietals in Chile are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for whites and Cabernet, Merlot and Carmenere for reds.
    • Semillon brings a lush texture to dry whites while Sauvignon Blanc brings an herbal raciness - a terrific combination.
    • This honeyed, concentrated, sweet and sour style white is perfect with this dish.
  • 6 (in board games) 6.1 countable (piece)
    Example sentences
    • After this White's position is very bad because his pieces are so poorly placed for the middle-game.
    6.2 (player) also
    also: White
    (no article) white: Karpov
    blancas: Karpov
    and white resigned
    y las blancas abandonaron
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