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Pronunciation: /ˈwɪndəʊ/


  • 1 1.1 (of building) ventana (f); (of car) ventanilla (f), luna (f); (of shop) escaparate (m) (esp Esp) , vitrina (f) (AmL) , vidriera (f) (AmL) don't lean out of the window no te asomes por la ventana/ventanilla to clean the windows limpiar los vidrios or (Esp) cristales a window on the world una ventana abierta al mundo a window of opportunity una oportunidad to fly/go out (of) the window [plans] venirse* abajo, desbaratarse, irse* al tacho (CS) [familiar/colloquial] [hopes] desvanecerse* his promotion went out of the window when he said that lo que dijo dio al traste con sus perspectivas de ascenso [familiar/colloquial] to throw sth out (of) the window [colloquial/familiar] echar algo por la borda (before n) window box jardinera (f) window cleaner (product) limpiacristales (m), limpiavidrios (m) (esp AmL) (person) limpiacristales (mf), limpiavidrios (mf) (esp AmL) window display artículos (mpl) expuestos en el escaparate or (AmL) la vitrina/vidriera the window frame el marco de la ventana window ledge alféizar (m) or repisa (f) de la ventana
    More example sentences
    • The apartments and penthouses have double-glazed redwood framed windows, fitted kitchens and gas-fired central heating.
    • All the houses will have a traditional look with curved timber framed windows, decorative roof detail and over-door pediments.
    • It has wider hallways, higher ceilings, more windows admitting more natural light and more places for students to hang out.
    More example sentences
    • Food-themed window displays in many shops and businesses in the town also added extra interest.
    • I try to focus on the window displays of the shops that we pass instead of focusing on him.
    • Almost 50 town centre shops are giving up some of their window space to support carnival week.
    1.2 (sales counter) ventanilla (f)
    More example sentences
    • I ran across the street to get into the office. There were several customers at the windows, some being served, others waiting to be served.
    • It is anything but out of the ordinary, too, for the ‘sell-out’ signs to be posted on the ticket office windows of the arena.
    • They were carrying a hammer which they banged on the security windows of the bank as they demanded money.
  • 2 2.1 (of envelope) ventanilla (f) (before n) window envelope sobre (m) de ventanilla 2.2 [Comput] ventana (f), recuadro (m)
    More example sentences
    • The viewer gets the video and audio directly into his Internet browser window.
    • Other differences relate to the rules for entering a phrase into the search engine phrase window.
    • You may need to scroll or resize the pop-up image window to get a good view.
    More example sentences
    • This results in yellowed envelopes, shrunken address windows, and brittle paper.
    • Police say the first four letters were sent using window envelopes, with the Elland Road address showing through the window.
    • Do you feel obliged to tear out plastic windows in envelopes before recycling them?

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