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American English: /wərd/
British English: /wəːd/

Translation of word in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (term, expression) I can't find (the) words to express how I feel
    no tengo or encuentro palabras para expresar lo que siento
    'greenhouse' is written as one word
    'greenhouse' se escribe todo junto
    60 words per minute
    60 palabras por minuto
    try to say it in your own words
    trata de expresarlo con tus propias palabras
    it's a long or big word
    es una palabra difícil
    bad or naughty or rude word
    mala palabra (feminine) (esp Latin America)
    what's the German word for 'dog'?
    ¿cómo se dice 'perro' en alemán?
    what's another word for 'holiday'?
    dame un sinónimo de 'holiday'
    what's the word for that style?
    ¿cómo se llama ese estilo?
    it's a miracle: there's no other word for it!
    no se lo puede calificar más que de milagroso
    there's a word for what you're doing: stealing!
    lo que estás haciendo es or se llama robar
    he was … what's the word? … excommunicated
    lo … ¿cómo se dice? … lo excomulgaron
    she was lucky — lucky isn't the word!
    tuvo suerte — ¡suerte es poco decir!
    for want of a better word in the words of one striker …
    como dijo uno de los huelguistas …
    she actually called him a liar? — not in so many words
    ¿entonces lo llamó mentiroso? — no directamente
    he didn't say so in so many words, but that's what he meant
    no lo dijo así or con esas palabras, pero eso es lo que quiso decir
    in other words (introducing a reformulation) I have serious doubts about it — in other words you don't trust me
    tengo mis serias dudas al respecto — lo que me estás diciendo es que no me tienes confianza
    it's rather slow and heavy going: in a word, dull
    es bastante lento y pesado; en una palabra, es aburrido
    she's been promoted again — words fail me!
    la han vuelto a ascender — ¡no me lo puedo creer!
    words fail me when it comes to describing …
    no hallo palabras para describir …
    to have a way with words
    tener mucha labia or facilidad de palabra
    it was too funny for words
    fue graciosísimo
    to be lost for words
    no encontrar palabras
    no saber qué decir
    Example sentences
    • He attempted to say a few things, but none of the noises actually turned into words let alone sentences.
    • What kind of a person even gives that sort of nonsense the time of day, let alone writes six-hundred-odd words about it?
    • In her short time in this organized hell, Cassie understood the meaning of the word alone.
    Example sentences
    • They reclaim a union between word and deed, utterance and action.
    • The crucial distinction between the fifties and sixties lay in word, not in deed.
    • But our past is fraught with his infidelity in word, in deed and most likely in his heart and mind.
  • 2 countable (thing said) words of comfort a word of advice
    un consejo
    a word of warning
    una advertencia
    a word of advice/warning, if I were you …
    te voy a dar un consejo/a hacer una advertencia, yo que tú …
    I'd like to say a few words
    quisiera decir unas palabras
    I didn't say a word!
    ¡yo no dije nada!
    not a word of this to anyone!
    ¡no se lo digas or cuentes a nadie!
    ¡de esto ni una palabra a nadie!
    she left without a word I can't hear a word you're saying
    no te oigo nada
    I don't believe a word of it
    no me lo creo
    she doesn't speak a word of English
    no habla ni una palabra de inglés
    I mean every word
    lo digo muy en serio
    those were his exact words
    esas fueron sus palabras textuales
    I couldn't catch her words
    no pude oír lo que dijo
    fine words but it's impossible
    suena muy bien pero resulta imposible
    he always has a kind word for everybody
    es amable con todo el mundo
    he doesn't have a good word to say about her
    tiene muy mal concepto de ella
    you're twisting my words!
    ¡estás tergiversando lo que dije!
    he'll end up in trouble, you mark my words a man of few words
    un hombre de pocas palabras
    her dying or last words
    sus últimas palabras
    famous last words!nothing can possibly go wrong —famous last words!
    nada puede salir mal —¡sí, créetelo! [ironic]
    we've never had any problems with the car, famous last words …
    nunca hemos tenido problemas con el coche, mejor no digamos nada …
    in word and deed [literary]
    de palabra y obra [literary]
    without a word of a lie (British)
    ¡palabra (de honor)!
    they're all words and no action
    prometen or hablan mucho pero no hacen nada
    by word of mouththe news spread by word of mouth
    la noticia se fue transmitiendo or propagando de boca en boca
    people got to know about it by word of mouth
    la gente se enteró porque se corrió la voz
    I'd only heard of the place by word of mouth
    había oído hablar del lugar
    from the word go
    desde el primer momento or desde el principio
    the last wordto have the last word
    tener or decir la última palabra
    for many years her work was regarded as the last word on the subject
    durante muchos años la suya fue considerada la obra de mayor autoridad sobre el tema
    the last word in computers
    la última palabra en computadoras
    to eat one's wordsshe was forced to eat her words
    se tuvo que tragar lo que había dicho
    to get a word in edgewise or (British) edgeways
    meter la cuchara [colloquial]
    to hang on somebody's every word
    sorber las palabras de alguien
    to have a word with somebody about something
    hablar con alguien de or sobre algo
    I want a word with you
    tengo que hablar contigo
    to have a word in somebody's ear about something (British)
    hablar en privado con alguien de or sobre algo
    to have words with somebody
    tener unas palabras con alguien
    to put in a (good) word for somebody
    recomendar a alguien
    (for somebody in trouble) interceder por alguien
    to put words into somebody's mouth
    atribuirle a alguien algo que no dijo
    to take the words out of somebody's mouth
    quitarle la(s) palabra(s) de la boca a alguien
    to waste words to weigh one's words
    medir sus ( or mis etc. ) palabras
    fine words butter no parsnips (British)
    las cosas no se arreglan con palabras elocuentes
    (there's) many a true word spoken in jest!
    lo dices en broma, pero …
    Example sentences
    • Nancy spoke specifically about the words offered by the senior minister at her church.
    • The Ministry of Justice subsequently released a statement condemning the words of Grigorov.
    • She later claimed that the press had distorted her words and repudiated the statement.
  • 3 (assurance) (no plural) word of honor to keep/give one's word
    cumplir/dar su ( or mi etc. ) palabra
    to break one's word, to go back on one's word
    faltar a su ( or mi etc. ) palabra
    we only have his word for it
    no tenemos pruebas de ello
    solo su palabra
    do I have your word for it that you will come?
    ¿me da su palabra de que vendrá?
    you can take my word for it
    te lo aseguro
    I'll take your word for it that no one else knows about this
    confiaré en tu palabra de que nadie más lo sabe
    he didn't mean to be rude — well, I'll take your word for it
    no quiso ofender — bueno, si tú lo dices …
    to doubt somebody's word
    dudar de la palabra de alguien
    a man of his word
    un hombre de palabra
    it's your word against hers
    es tu palabra contra la suya
    (upon) my word! [dated]
    to be as good as one's wordhe was there all right, as good as his word
    allí estaba, tal como lo había prometido
    to take somebody at her/his word
    tomarle la palabra a alguien
    Example sentences
    • We can only do our best to hold the administration to its word.
    • When the waitress arrives, Beanie's mother remains true to her word and orders only coffee.
    • It is important that they be so, for science needs good communicators whose word can be trusted.
  • 4 4.1 uncountable (news, message) what word is there of the negotiations?
    ¿qué noticias hay de las negociaciones?
    there is still no word of survivors
    todavía no se sabe si hay supervivientes
    she sent word to us that she would be delayed
    nos mandó recado de que iba a llegar con retraso
    nos mandó avisar que iba a llegar con retraso (Latin America)
    I don't know how to get word to him
    no sé cómo hacerle llegar la noticia
    she left word with her secretary that …
    dejó recado con la secretaria de que …
    le dejó dicho a la secretaria que … (Southern Cone)
    word has it that …
    corre la noticia or el rumor or la voz de que …
    dicen que …
    se dice que …
    pass or spread the word!
    haz correr la voz
    to put the word out or about that …
    hacer correr la voz de que …
    4.2 (instruction) if you need help just say the word
    si quieres que te ayude no tienes más que pedirlo
    to give the word (to + infinitive)
    dar la orden (de + infinitive)
    4.3 (the unmentionable) [euphemistic] the C word
    la palabra proscrita [euphemistic]
  • 5
    also: words plural
    5.1 (text of a song)
    Example sentences
    • What the audience sees and hears in the film is the first time an actor has performed and uttered those words.
    • When you see the casting tapes first it is weird because you are watching people speaking your words against a white plain background.
    • Performed without words, it is a deeply elemental, emotive and darkly comic piece of theatre.
    5.2 (Theatre)he forgot his words
    se le olvidó lo que tenía que decir
  • 7 7.1 (Bible)the Word 7.2 (Religion)the word
    el evangelio
    la palabra de Dios
    the word of God
    la palabra de Dios

transitive verb

  • (document/letter)
    a carefully worded question
    una pregunta muy bien formulada
    Example sentences
    • A strongly worded letter is to be sent to the county council asking for an explanation.
    • I ask the nurse for a scribbling pad and a pen and write out a carefully worded resignation.
    • We worded a letter in such a way that it was OK for them to let our citizens out.
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