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Pronunciation: /wɜːrld; wɜːld/

Translation of world in Spanish:


  • 1 (earth) mundo (masculine) the longest bridge in the world el puente más largo del mundo the best/worst in the world el mejor/peor del mundo the poorer countries of the world los países más pobres del mundo or de la tierra or del globo on the other side of the world al otro lado del globo or de la tierra he proved that the world was round demostró que la tierra era redonda to see the world ver* mundo politicians from all over the world políticos de todo el mundo they traveled all over the world viajaron por todo el mundo there were celebrations all over the world o the world over hubo festejos en todo el mundo or en el mundo entero one day you'll have to step out into the big, wide world algún día vas a tener que enfrentarte con la vida the Einsteins of this world los Einsteins de este mundo she lives in another world vive en otro mundo it's a strange world! ¡qué mundo este! in a perfect world this wouldn't happen en un mundo ideal estas cosas no pasarían the best of all possible worlds el mejor de los mundos world's (American English/inglés norteamericano) o (British English/inglés británico) world champion javelin thrower campeón, (masculine, feminine) mundial or del mundo de jabalina world's (American English/inglés norteamericano) o (British English/inglés británico) world record time récord (masculine) or marca (feminine) mundial (it's a) small world! el mundo es un pañuelo, ¡qué pequeño or (Latin America/América Latina) chico es el mundo! the world is his/her oyster tiene el mundo a sus pies to be dead o lost to the world estar* profundamente dormido to be out of this world [landscape/food/music] ser* increíble or fantástico the dress is out of this world el vestido es un sueño to bring sb into the world traer* a algn al mundo to come into the world venir* al mundo to have the best of both worlds tener* todas las ventajas money makes the world go around poderoso caballero es don dinero (before noun/delante del nombre) [economy/population/peace] mundial; [politics/trade] internacional world market mercado (masculine) mundial world premiere estreno (masculine) mundial
    Example sentences
    • The sea connotes what the land is not, yet together they form the world's surfaces.
    • They've sold three million albums, toured all over the world and have been together for almost a decade.
    • The couple travelled the world together three years ago and fell in love with Asia.
  • 2 2.1 (people generally) mundo (masculine) the whole world knows lo sabe todo el mundo or medio mundo what is the world coming to? ¿adónde vamos a ir a parar? he thinks the world owes him a living tiene muchas pretensiones (all) the world and his wife Dios y todo el mundo [colloquial/familiar] to watch the world go by ver* pasar a la gente 2.2 (society) they've gone up in the world han prosperado mucho ( or hecho fortuna etc) they've come down in the world se han venido a menos a man/woman of the world un hombre/una mujer de mundo that's the way of the world ¡así es la vida!
    Example sentences
    • On a more serious note, it would appear that the world as a whole is sinking deeper into poverty.
    • It's a nice thought that there's someone who loves you, even when you think the whole world hates you.
    • They sometimes wonder why the rest of the world hates them so much.
  • 3 (specific period, group) mundo (masculine) the insect world el mundo de los insectos the plant world el mundo de las plantas, el reino vegetal the art/fashion world el mundo del arte/de la moda the academic world el mundo or ambiente or medio académico to live in a world of one's own vivir en su ( or mi etc) propio mundo her world collapsed around her se derrumbó el mundo a su alrededor
    Example sentences
    • By the western part of the Arabic world we mean the regions comprising mainly North Africa and Spain.
    • The richest country in the industrialised world will continue to have some of the worst pockets of poverty.
    • Several countries in the developing world continue to invite him to help train their own surgeons.
    Example sentences
    • I sometimes imagine that I see certain parallels between modern Aotearoa and the historical worlds of that other boot-shaped nation, Italy.
    • In the ancient and classical worlds, capital tended to be drawn into cities from the surrounding regions, so that they could become wealthier even in the absence of economic growth.
    • As the title suggests, Ferguson believes that the British Empire shaped the modern world.
  • 4 (as intensifier/como palabra enfática) there's a world of difference between … hay una diferencia enorme or una gran diferencia entre …, hay un abismo entre … we are worlds apart no tenemos nada que ver, somos como el día y la noche their views are worlds apart sus opiniones son diametralmente opuestas it did her a world of good le hizo la mar de bien his children mean the world to him para él sus hijos lo son todo he thinks the world of her la admira mucho, tiene un altísimo concepto de ella I'd give the world to know daría lo que fuera por saberlo for all the world as if nothing had happened tal como si no hubiera pasado nada she looked for all the world as if she was enjoying it cualquiera hubiera dicho que lo estaba gozando to have all the time in the world tener* todo el tiempo del mundo without a care in the world sin ninguna preocupación I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world no me lo perdería por nada del mundo nothing in the world will make me change my mind nada en el mundo me hará cambiar de opinión who in the world is going to believe that? ¿quién diablos or demonios se va a creer eso? [colloquial/familiar] I'm the world's worst cook soy el peor cocinero del mundo
  • 5 [Religion/Religión] this/the other world este/el otro mundo he's not long for this world no va a vivir mucho, tiene los días contados the world to come el más allá to renounce the world renunciar al mundo
    Example sentences
    • There is a primary difference between the material world and the spiritual dimension.
    • People who see the world in terms of evil and sin will tend to devalue the material world.
    • The militantly secular world is also keenly alert to the challenge of the Passion.

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