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American English: /wʊd/
, /wəd/
, /(ə)d/
British English: /wʊd/
, /wəd/

modal verb

When would + a verb in English is used to form the conditional tense, it is translated by the conditional tense in Spanish.When would + a verb in English is used to express habitual activity in the past, it is translated by the imperfect tense in Spanish.For examples of both, see the entry below.
'd es la contracción de would , wouldn't , de would not y 'd've de would have
  • 1pastwill1
    Example sentences
    • It was in October last year that the club first heard that changes would be made to the lecture theatre.
    • Caroline never met her stepfather and her mother would never hear her voice again.
    • Here his followers would gather in the mornings and afternoons for religious services.
  • 2 2.1 (in conditional sentences) I would if I could
    lo haría si pudiera
    if I had known, I wouldn't have come
    si lo hubiera sabido no habría or no hubiera venido
    who would have thought it?
    ¿quién lo hubiera or habría pensado?
    without your help, I'd've been cooking all day
    sin tu ayuda, habría or hubiera estado cocinando todo el día
    Example sentences
    • Had Frank Furedi been pondering how to handle the situation he would not have had to look far for advice.
    • And he said if he was faced with the same situation he would again break the speed limit.
    • Huntley said that should such a situation arise, he would report it to a senior member of staff.
    2.2 (giving advice) I wouldn't worry
    no (hace falta que) te preocupes
    yo que tú no me preocuparía
    I would have a word with her about it
    ¿por qué no lo hablas con ella?
    yo (que tú) lo hablaba or hablaría con ella
    Example sentences
    • Anyway, you can be sure that if I had to spend a week in an hotel, I wouldn't waste it by staying awake.
    • If I were you I'd lock the door.
    • This may reflect in a willingness to pay higher prices, although I wouldn't bet on it.
    2.3 (tentatively expressing opinions) I would agree with Roy
    yo estoy de acuerdo con Roy
    yo diría que Roy tiene razón
    one would have thought that …
    cualquiera hubiera or habría pensado que …
    Example sentences
    • There are only a couple of events that we would call sports, the rest are just bizarre battles.
    • Last week's piece on software piracy drew more than a few comments, as you would expect.
    • We would hope to address both of these problems by having a dedicated service.
  • 3 (expressing wishes) I wish you'd stop pestering me!
    ¡deja de fastidiarme por Dios!
    I wish you wouldn't worry
    quisiera que no te preocuparas
    if only she'd take your advice
    ¡si siguiera tus consejos … !
    ¡ojalá siguiera tus consejos!
    would (that) he were with us! [literary]
    ¡ojalá estuviera con nosotros!
    would to God she had known!
    ¡ojalá lo hubiera sabido!
    Example sentences
    • Anderson says - and would that he had said it sooner - ‘It can't be England all the time, there must be a middle way’.
    • Oh, I would that I could change his mind.
    • You're so beautiful, and I would I could stay here with you.
  • 4 4.1 (in requests) would you type this for me please?
    ¿me haría el favor de pasar esto a máquina?
    would you be kind enough to open the door for me?
    ¿tendría la amabilidad or la bondad de abrirme la puerta? [formal]
    if you'd sign here, please
    ¿me firma aquí, por favor?
    ¿tendría la bondad de firmar aquí? [formal]
    go and call him, would you?
    ve a llamarlo ¿sí? or ¿me haces el favor?
    would you let me say something!
    ¿me dejas decir algo a mí?
    Example sentences
    • Would you please turn around?
    • Would you mind clarifying your comment, Alison?
    • Ruth, would you go with me to London?
    4.2 (in invitations) would you like a cup of coffee?
    ¿quieres una taza de café?
    would you like to come with us? — I'd love to
    ¿quieres or te gustaría venir con nosotros? — me encantaría
    Example sentences
    • Malcolm Morley, who has worked at the hotel for three years, would love to make Iona his home.
    • We would be delighted to hear from any other people who could support us in some way.
    • As someone who kept a daily diary all her life, she would have loved blogging.
  • 5 5.1 (expressing criticism) she would (have to) spoil the surprise
    tenía que estropear la sorpresa, ¡típico! or ¡no podía fallar!
    Example sentences
    • Now, the conspiracy theorists are going to say, well, the coroners would say that, wouldn't they?
    • Yellow card for Adams for claiming that Carlos took a dive. Now he wouldn't do that, would he?
    5.2 (indicating something is natural) he said no — well, he would, wouldn't he?
    dijo que no — bueno ¿qué otra cosa iba a decir? or era de esperar ¿no? or es lógico ¿no?
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