There are 2 translations of wreck in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rek/


  • 1 (ship) restos (mpl) del naufragio; (vehicle) restos (mpl) del avión ( or tren etc) siniestrado
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    • Plans to move the wreck of destroyer HMS Wakeful out of a shipping lane have been amended to allow the ship to safely remain where she sank during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.
    • The wrecks of such ships have inevitably been targets for treasure-seekers.
    • Everyone hopes to find the treasure hidden in the wreck, even though many doubt that it's there at all.
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    • The driver of the pickup, who walked away from the wreck of his vehicle, was also taken to hospital, where he received 12 stitches to his forehead.
    • The station was a wreck when it was bought 18 years ago and the garden non-existent.
    • It was like walking around at the site of a spaceship wreck - huge pieces of dismantled machinery everywhere.
  • 2 (sth, sb ruined) the wreck of the industry las ruinas de la industria after the party, the house was a wreck después de la fiesta, la casa era un verdadero caos are you still driving that old wreck? [colloquial/familiar] ¿todavía andas en ese cacharro? [familiar/colloquial] the attack left him a physical wreck el ataque lo dejó hecho una ruina the next morning I felt a complete wreck al día siguiente estaba hecho polvo [familiar/colloquial] he's a nervous wreck tiene los nervios destrozados
  • 3 (destruction) the wreck of the Titanic el naufragio del Titanic the wreck of all my hopes [literario/literary] el desmoronamiento de todas mis esperanzas [literario/literary]
  • 4 (crash) (AmE) accidente (m)
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    • We have thought about how to deal with enormous numbers of people coming in because of plane crashes or chlorine spills from train wrecks.
    • If the engine of a train suddenly goes off the rails, a wreck ensues.
    • Several minor wrecks, mostly in rail yards, have helped feed community fears.

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There are 2 translations of wreck in Spanish:



  • 1.1 [ship] provocar* el naufragio de, hacer* naufragar; [train] hacer* descarrilar; [car] destrozar* the ship was wrecked on the rocks el barco naufragó al chocar contra las rocas
    More example sentences
    • Iziko Museums in Cape Town have started off a project to find different slave ships that were wrecked along the South African coastline.
    • His ship is wrecked and the passengers take to the long-boat.
    • The approach to Jeddah is filled with dangerous reefs, and over the years several ships have been wrecked.
    1.2 (damage) destrozar*
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    • Holmes has spent most of her career cursing her luck after a string of injuries wrecked her chances of gold at major championships.
    • Yet Larkham says that the rapid recovery of debutant lock Justin Harrison, whose career was almost wrecked by a similar injury last year, has been an inspiration to him in his darker moments.
    • Keith Wood will be with the 41-man Irish squad on the tour but has no intention of playing in any of the three games after a season wrecked by injury.
    1.3 (demolish) (AmE) [house/building] demoler*, tirar abajo, derribar
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    • Two serious accidents, destroying four vehicles and wrecking a house wall and a traffic light at the junction, have already occurred since the lights failed last Thursday morning.
    • Photographs of the apparent aftermath - showing wrecked vehicles and dented police helmets - have since appeared on several Weblogs.
    • That Nolan was there to play his part was a near-miracle in itself after the youngster's lucky escape from that morning's dramatic smash that wrecked his car.
    1.4 (spoil, ruin) [hopes/plans/chances] echar por tierra; [marriage/happiness] destrozar* drinking wrecked her health/career la bebida le arruinó la salud/la carrera

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