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American English: /rɔŋ/
British English: /rɒŋ/

Translation of wrong in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (incorrect, inappropriate)
    the answer is wrong
    la respuesta está mal or equivocada
    la respuesta es incorrecta or [formal] errónea
    the time given in the newspaper was wrong
    la hora que salió en el periódico estaba mal
    he drew the wrong conclusion
    sacó una conclusión equivocada
    you've given me the wrong change
    se ha equivocado al darme el cambio
    the book is in the wrong place
    el libro no está donde debería or debiera
    el libro no está en su sitio or en su lugar
    we've taken the wrong bus
    nos hemos equivocado de autobús
    he went in the wrong direction
    tomó or (esp Spain) cogió para dónde no debía
    a crumb went down the wrong way
    se me atragantó una miga
    una miga se me fue por el otro camino [colloquial]
    you're in the wrong job, you should be a painter
    te has equivocado de oficio, deberías ser pintor
    this is the wrong time to mention the subject
    este no es (el) momento oportuno para mencionar el tema
    it's the wrong time of year for cherries
    no es época de cerezas
    those shoes are the wrong thing to wear
    esos zapatos no son los apropiados
    she always says the wrong thing
    siempre dice lo que no debe
    the picture is the wrong way up
    el cuadro está al revés
    I'm the wrong person to ask
    no soy la persona indicada para contestar esa pregunta
    Example sentences
    • The experimenter records whether that answer was correct or wrong.
    • If the answer is wrong, the computer says the same and gives the correct answer.
    • Instead of correcting the wrong bits I should have just thrown the whole analogy back at him.
    Example sentences
    • Shifting his imposing frame, his expression takes on a thunderous aspect, suggesting this is the wrong question to ask.
    • Perhaps we have, like Alice, simply been asking the wrong question.
    • A shadow seemed to pass over her face, and now it seemed that I had asked the wrong question.
    1.2 (mistaken) (predicative) to be wrong
    estar equivocado
    you're wrong: the answer is 62
    estás equivocado: la respuesta es 62
    I thought it was silver, but I was wrong
    creí que era plata, pero estaba en un error or me equivoqué
    I hope you're/I'm wrong
    ¡ojalá te equivoques/me equivoque!
    he was wrong about the date
    estaba equivocado respecto de la fecha
    I was wrong about her
    la había juzgado mal
    you were wrong in your suspicions you were wrong to assume that he would help you
    te equivocaste al pensar que te ayudaría
    Example sentences
    • On this appeal the Claimant contends that the Judge was wrong and should not in any event have decided the point summarily.
    • Daunting as it nonetheless was, I was quite wrong to be so awed.
    • Can all of those people in the audience be wrong and those few judges be right?
  • 2 (morally) stealing is wrong
    robar está mal
    I was wrong to abandon him
    hice mal en dejarlo
    you were wrong to shout at her like that
    no debiste haberle gritado así
    estuviste mal en gritarle así
    is it so wrong to want a little happiness?
    ¿qué hay de malo en querer un poco de felicidad?
    I haven't done anything wrong
    no he hecho nada malo
    there's nothing wrong with a drink now and then
    tomarse una copa de vez en cuando no tiene nada de malo
    what's wrong with that?
    ¿qué hay de malo en eso?
  • 3 (amiss) (predicative) what's wrong?
    ¿qué pasa?
    you're very quiet, is something/anything wrong?
    ¿estás muy callado, te pasa algo?
    what's wrong with you?
    ¿qué te pasa?
    ¿qué tienes?
    there's something wrong with her
    algo le pasa
    there's something wrong with my elbow
    tengo algo en el codo
    something's wrong with the lock
    la cerradura no anda bien
    algo le pasa a la cerradura
    there's nothing wrong with your heart
    su corazón está perfectamente bien
    I can't see anything wrong with the engine
    parece no haber ningún problema con el motor
    Example sentences
    • Doctors were unable to find out exactly what was wrong with Chloe and her condition remains undiagnosed.
    • Dairy products were blamed for virtually everything medically wrong with the younger generation.
    • She's seen innumerable specialists, all of whom have been baffled as to what could be wrong with her and then passing her on to someone else.


  • they spelled my name wrong
    escribieron mal mi nombre
    I assume you're paying — well, you assume wrong
    imagino que pagas tú — pues estás en un error or te equivocas
    I did it all wrong
    lo hice todo mal
    to get something wrongyou've got your facts wrong
    estás mal informado
    you've got it wrong: she's Spanish, not French
    estás equivocado: es española, no francesa
    you've got it all wrong: we're trying to help you
    no has entendido nada: estamos tratando de ayudarte
    to get somebody wrong [colloquial]I got him all wrong
    me equivoqué totalmente con él
    don't get me wrong
    no me malinterpretes
    to go wrong (machinery)
    descomponerse (Latin America)
    salir mal
    something's gone badly wrong with our marriage
    algo ha fallado por su base en nuestro matrimonio
    it's straight ahead, you can't go wrong
    siga derecho, no se puede perder or (Spain also) no tiene pérdida
    follow the instructions and you won't go far wrong
    siga las instrucciones y no se equivocará
    he began to go wrong at college
    en la universidad empezó a ir por mal camino
    a nice girl gone wrong
    una buena chica que se ha echado a perder
    Example sentences
    • We guessed wrong both times, but that's the way it is sometimes.
    • If you guess right you will appear to be a genius, if you guess wrong you will look foolish.
    • ChoicePoint got his middle name wrong and reported that there was a bench warrant for his arrest in Arizona.


  • 1 uncountable and countable
    (immoral action) mal (masculine)
    to know right from wrong
    saber distinguir entre lo que está bien y lo que está mal
    you did wrong to tell her
    hiciste mal en decirle
    in her eyes he can do no wrong
    para ella, es incapaz de hacer nada malo
    to do somebody (a) wrong
    (be unjust) ser injusto con alguien
    (treat badly) portarse mal con alguien
    to be in the wrong
    estar equivocado
    you know you were in the wrong
    tú sabes que hiciste or obraste mal
    to put somebody in the wrongthe fact that you lied puts you in the wrong
    el haber mentido te incrimina
    she only said it to put me in the wrong
    lo dijo solo para hacerme quedar mal
    two wrongs don't make a right
    con un error no se subsana otro
    Example sentences
    • And there will be, inevitably, and quite immorally, an attempt to obscure the historical wrongs and the injustices that lie behind the firestorms.
    • Both wrongs also constituted a criminal offence.
    • I cannot see how it is possible to right the wrong of murder or another crime with killing someone.

transitive verb

  • [formal]she had been wronged by her family
    su familia había sido muy injusta con ella
    you wrong him
    lo juzgas mal
    Example sentences
    • Jules was capable of getting very aggressive towards people who wronged her and the people close to her.
    • If a citizen is wronged by any party, he or she can count on it that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will protect him and justice will prevail.
    • They act with anger towards those who they feel have wronged them.
    Example sentences
    • Typically, people who feel wronged by the media sue for libel.
    • Because this is a novel, Glass can sketch nasty portraits of those close to him, all the while explaining how sorry he is that he wronged them.
    • Efforts are being made to allow ordinary citizens a more prompt and accessible redress where they feel they were wronged in a newspaper report.
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