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American English: /jild/
British English: /jiːld/

Translation of yield in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (surrender)
    to yield one's right of way (US) (Transport)
    ceder el paso
    to yield something to somebody
    cederle algo a alguien
    to yield the floor to somebody
    cederle la palabra a alguien
    Example sentences
    • It is reported that the company yielded to the toughest demand to avoid government intervention.
    • She yielded to their demands.
    • At the age of 76, Jenkins finally yielded to public demand and performed at Carnegie Hall on October 25, 1944.
  • 2
    these bonds yield 9.2%
    estos bonos rinden or dan un (interés del) 9,2%
    these measures will yield a net saving
    estas medidas traerán aparejado un ahorro en términos reales
    the inquiry yielded no new evidence
    la investigación no aportó nuevas pruebas

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (give way) to yield to somebody/somethingto yield to temptation
    dejarse vencer por la tentación
    ceder a la tentación
    she yielded to their threats
    cedió a or ante sus amenazas
    he yielded to (an) impulse and bought the lot
    cedió or sucumbió a un impulso y lo compró todo
    Example sentences
    • Motorists will be able to proceed through the intersection after yielding to circulating traffic on the left.
    • He said under the new traffic system, motorists drive around the green as they would around a roundabout, yielding to traffic coming from the right and travelling in a clockwise direction.
    • The safety authority wanted all vehicles approaching a T-junction from a minor road to yield to right-turning traffic from a through road.
    1.2 (give priority)to yield to something/somebody
    dar prioridad a algo/alguien
    yield (US)
    1.3 (in debate)to yield to somebody
    cederle la palabra a alguien
  • 2
    it yielded to the touch
    cedió a la presión
    Example sentences
    • Of all sugary plant produce, none yields a commodity as highly valued or widely grown as grape wine.
    • Cross-referencing among chapters is excellent, yielding a product that appears more integrated than such symposium-product volumes often are.
    • In 17 of 19 cases PCR yielded nonspecific products or failed.
    Example sentences
    • The structure yields.
    • The upper right-hand corner yielded to a slight pressure.


uncountable and countable
  • the yield per hectare has risen by 5% per annum
    la producción or el rendimiento anual por hectárea ha aumentado en un 5%
    to give a good/poor yield
    dar un buen/mal rendimiento
    producir or rendir mucho/poco
    fixed/variable yield bonds
    valores (masculine plural) de renta fija/variable
    Example sentences
    • It severely reduces agricultural yields and productivity.
    • The majority of the continent's population is employed in agriculture characterized by low yields and low labor productivity.
    • Genetically engineered super plants are expected to boost agricultural yields significantly.

Phrasal verbs

yield up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
I yielded myself up to the pleasures of the moment
me abandoné or me entregué a los placeres del momento
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