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Pronunciation: /jʊrz; jɔːz/


The three translations of yours reflect the gender and number of the noun they are standing for; yours is translated by tuyo, tuya, tuyos, tuyas, suyo, suya, suyos, suyas, vuestro, vuestra, vuestros, vuestras, depending on the meaning being translated, and what is being referred to.

  • 1.1 (belonging to one person) (sing, familiar) tuyo, -ya; (pl, familiar) tuyos, -yas; (sing, formal) suyo, -ya; (pl formal) suyos, -yas is this yours? ¿esto es tuyo/suyo? yours is here el tuyo/la tuya/el suyo/la suya está aquí that habit of yours esa costumbre tuya, esa costumbre que tienes a friend of yours un amigo tuyo/suyo 1.2 (belonging to more than one person) (sing, formal) suyo, -ya; (pl, formal) suyos, -yas; (sing, familiar) suyo, -ya (AmL) , vuestro, -tra (Esp) ; (pl, familiar) suyos, -yas (AmL) , vuestros, -tras (Esp) yours are here, children los suyos or los de ustedes están aquí, niños (AmL) , los vuestros están aquí, niños (Esp) is he a friend of yours? ¿es amigo de ustedes or suyo or (Esp) vuestro? 1.3 [Corresp] yours of the 20th August su carta or la suya del 20 de agosto yours, Daniel un abrazo, Daniel yours sincerely le saluda atentamente

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